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陳霖阿 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 10 years ago

desire despair desperate 差別

despair 絕望desperate 絕望 渴望

desire 渴望

我查出來是這樣 但我比較不懂是desperate為什麼可以當絕望和渴望 這兩種意思差很多..

然後desperate同意字裡為什麼又找不到另外despaire desire


這三個單字究竟是什麼意思.. 然後詞性是什麼 該怎麼使用 怎樣的場合 或造句 之類的... 越清楚越好 謝謝



那為什麼desperate 在google字典

會有"needing or wanting something very much 非常需要;極想;渴望"的解釋??


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    10 years ago
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    despair .名詞 絕望He sank into despair after his business failed.生意失敗後,他陷入絕境(望)v. i. 不及物動詞to lose hope, give up hope 失望,放棄希desperate adj. 形容詞 1. Having lost all hope; despairing.沒有希望的,絕望的

    a desperate cry for help.絕望的呼救哀嚎

    desire n.名詞 渴望,渴望的人(或物)

    It is my desire to speak with you 我渴望與你說話You’re my heart’s desire.你是我心想追求的..然後desperate同意字裡為什麼又找不到另外despaire desire三個字拼法 接近,但意思不一樣,despair是名詞,動詞, desire 是名詞Desperate 是形容詞, 它的同義字synonym也應是形容詞hopeless我查出來是這樣 但我比較不懂是desperate為什麼可以當絕望和渴望 這兩種意思差很多..Desperate 是形容詞. 是 沒有希望的 ,絕望的 沒有”渴望”的意思

    2011-08-02 13:36:22 補充:

    The collapse of her business had made her desperate.


    As the supply of food ran out, people became desperate.


    We could hear their desperate cries for help.


    a desperate struggle to defeat the enemy


    (to be continued)

    2011-08-02 13:37:55 補充:

    He made a desperate(hopeless) bid to save his job.

    They made one last desperate(hopeless) attempt to fight their way out.



    Desperate 只用在山窮水盡的需求(妄想)


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