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請問以下中翻英句子, 是否可以?

您好, 請問以下中翻英句子, 是否可以? 向銀行申請的信用額度, 下周會完成,我們將會優先支付供應商貨款.The Credit Line of bank will finish at next week.and we are going to pay the supplier payment first.


謝謝指導, 錯好多喔, 很難過, 但還是要學習的,

那麼再請問可不可以將consignment 改成 payment 如下?

The credit line we demand at the bank will granted next week,

and we will pay for the supplier payment in priority.

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    建議修改如下: 向銀行申請的信用額度, 下周會完成,

    Our application for the credit line at the bank will be approved next week.

    The credit line we demand at the bank will be granted next week.


    We will honor the supplier's bills in priority.

    We will pay for the supplier's consignment in priority.

    註: 兩句連接只要加and即可.

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    payment搭配的動詞是effect或make, 不可重複用pay.

    consignment就是貨品, 也可用goods, cargo, merchandise, shipment等詞.

    The credit line we demand at the bank will BE granted next week,

    and we will EFFECT payment in priority TO the supplier.

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    Dear Ed,

    "with priority" is ok as well, but "in priority" is much more commonly used.

    Check this:


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    demand並無強制、命令、予取予求之意, 它只是提出要求之意,


    demand a credit line

    demand an increase of credit line

    demand a credit loan

    准不准是銀行的事, 他們有制式的審核流程.

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    版主, 如果您是在校生或初入職場者, 能那樣寫已是很不錯了

    哪有人一開始就完美的? 請勿氣餒, 請繼續加油!

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    美國大先生為了顏面還在硬拗, 甚至於另開題版去找安慰,


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    To cavalier,

    Regarding to 優先支付, should we say "in priority" or "with priority", as in

    "We will honor the supplier's bills in priority"? "In priority" seems to imply "according to priority". Would you please clarify?


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    Thanks. I asked the usage of both terms to an American friend who is a Harvard graduate. This is her reply:


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    "i've never heard "in priority" used before, and "with priority" also

    sounds funny. i would say that you "give priority" to something or

    "place a high priority" on something."

    That's interesting.

    2011-07-29 14:12:31 補充:

    By the way, her husband pretty much echoed the same.

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    To the banks for the credit will be completed next week, We will give priority to the purchase price paid to suppliers

    應該是這樣 參考看看

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