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Am I crazy for leaving a current teaching job of 14 years in Michigan to move to Florida?

I never thought that I would retire in Michigan. Originally from AL, been in MI for 20 years. I recently went job hunting in Florida and got a teaching job offer for a lot less than what I currently am getting in Michigan. I also have 2 small children, ages 6 and 7 who will be with me. My husband will remain in MI for at least 6 months or more to tie up loose ends like selling our house. He is an industrial electrician and has 22 years in with his company. I want to go for several reasons: better long term job opportunities in administration, warm weather, water access, closer to my own family, and I think a better quality of life. I KNOW it is not going to be easy, but there are so many factors. My current job is in a tiny, suburban school district with NO room for growth. I can't change districts in-state because other districts in MI do not give credit for years worked. The new district in FL is huge with potential for financial growth, but money is not my only concern. Am I being selfish? Am I making a HUGE mistake? Please feel free to give me some neutral advice on helping our family make a final decision!!! What other factors should I include? HELP!

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    You could be making a huge mistake. Florida is the most visited vacation destination in the world. Its a great place to visit. Because of that many assume it is a great place to live, so many move there. Half the people who move there love it, half hate it so much they leave, usually with a lot less money.

    If you want warm weather,only go there during the winter. The rest of the time it's hot and humid. Most of Florida has a 5 month summer, but it can be hot and humid for 9 months from Orlando south. The economy is unlike most other states. It's either better like when everybody is moving there and they are building like crazy, or it's worse, like now with just about the highest unemployment in the US.

    They have 5 seasons too. Hurricane season can be lots of fun. Some years not much happens. Other years like 2004, 2005 (record years) hurricanes rip the state up.

    I'm not saying don't go. Its a great place if you already have a nice nest egg. Best asset protection state in the US. Just do your due diligence so you don't end up leaving the place emotionally and financially devastated. Venice, Sarasota, Gainesville, and Mount Dora just north of Orlando might be worth looking at. Wish you the best!

    Source(s): Ron Stack Author, "Florida Move Guide" Lic. Florida Real Estate Broker
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    No, you shouldn't be picky with your jobs-anything that feeds you is good, otherwise you'd have to be on disability and/or have food stamps. Have you seen the food stamp card? It has a picture of the United States flag on embarrassing...I would pick whatever can feed you the quickest, without food, your organs and physical body may suffer and you could end up with physical pain or just added stress. I like being able to do what I want, but there are so many people that it is not always possible. Some managers can also be very stupid and hire whomever they want to and not always make the best judgment. Being closer to your families is a better choice, though, because they can help you in an emergency when your friends might be a little one-sided and stuck up and might not help you with something, like moving. I am from MI, and also went to Florida once.

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    That's fine! There is nothing wrong with that. People change jobs all the time. If a new job opportunity provides you better potential for financial growth, that is a good reason to move. You have two young children, it is better to move now when they are young than later when it may be more difficult. If you choose to move, make sure that you are committed 100 percent.

    Good luck. Hope this helps!


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