R&P: Ever Get Music For Free, Legally?

My father got a second computer recently and so there was some music left over on it from the previous owner. Most of it was stuff that I either don't like or already have. However, there are some albums that I have an interest in checking out:

1999 - Prince

Songs In The Key Of Life - Stevie Wonder

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel

Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen

It's Blitz! - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy

The Sun Sessions - Elvis Presley

The Seldom Seen Kid - Elbow

Moondance - Van Morrison

Anyway, have you ever legally got music for free?

BQ: Favourite album that I mentioned above?

BQ2: Last album you illegally downloaded?

BQ3: Last time you got a new computer/laptop?


@Johhny Bliss

Lol, yeah that can count

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm actually not sure what's legal and what isn't. Is borrowing a CD from your sister and ripping it onto your computer legal?

    BQ: Born to Run with Songs in the Key of Life hot on it's heels.

  • Only legally free music I ever got was from my friend when someone left a compilation CD from Victory Records I think it was...They left it in his dorm and it was never claimed and I saw a band I liked on the cover/case so I asked if I could have it.

    BA: It's Blitz! - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    BA2: I am an avid fan of Korean pop, as well as Swedish, French, and Japanese music. I think that's nuff said. Although I have seen some Korean artists music on sell in iTunes.

    BA3: Almost five or six months ago now, the computer I'm using now I bought with a hefty $450 check I got from working insane hours during Victoria' Secret Semi Annual Sale. I never made money like that again for the remainder of my time there :'(

  • JW
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    8 years ago

    Well, I live in Canada, where it's actually legal to torrent for personal uses... So I can say that.

    I get the iTunes free tracks of the week, mp3.com(?) has 3/4 free songs each day (but they usually suck and are very unorganized, so I've stopped checking), and some artists put songs on their website up for download (some through an email list, and I heard Pretty Lights has their entire discography up for grabs- although I torrented instead...)

    BQ: Bridge Over Troubled Water

    BQ: Songs from the Black Hole, Weezer

    BQ: 3 years ago- laptop; the battery's completely dead and every peripheral refuses to register on the damn thing

    Oh and one more thing; technically, the computer thing wasn't exactly legal either. To put it into Internet terms, he's the seeder... And you're the leecher!

  • Good evening Red :)

    One of the download sites I use {legal, pay-for!} gives users 3 free downloads (of the sites choice) every few weeks. I've yet to actually like one of them!

    BQ: Either Simon & Garfunkel or Van Morrison

    BQ2: Nothing - never have

    BQ3: This one is quite old now, but about a month ago it had to be totally stripped back to 'brand new' condition, so I'm still reloading some 'essential' programmes that were wiped...

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  • 8 years ago

    Yeah i have. I usually get the iTunes free songs of the week every week, though a lot of them are crappy. And some people let me borrow their CDs to upload the songs onto my iTunes, soo...

    BQ: 1999 and Songs in the Key of Life.

    BQ2: I haven't illegally downloaded a full album recently, i did get the song Sin City by Kopek yesterday though.

    BQ3: Um, last year i think. It's not even mine. It's the 'family laptop' haha.

  • Q.Z.
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    8 years ago

    Yea. guvera.com and freeallmusic.com use an ad based system to give out free music. If you don't believe me MSNBC did an report on it:


    And currently Vevo on Youtube, Grooveshark, and Spotify are giving out free music streaming services.

    BQ: Born To Run

    BQ2: Believe it or not, I've never illegally downloaded an album.

    BQ3: 3 years ago. But mine's starting to break down.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Man, you are so lucky. That's pretty cool.

    As for the question, I would say the only way I get them legally for free is as a gift for Christmas. Does that even count? :P

    BQ: I haven't heard any, but I have heard good things about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, so I'll say their album..

    BQ2: Young Team - Mogwai

    BQ3: Last christmas I got a laptop..

  • 8 years ago

    Those are great. I get music for free second-hand from friends or as gifts if that counts.

    BQ: Moondance

    BQ2: N/A

    BQ3: At the beginning of June, it was great, I didn't have a computer to myself all year and this one is brand new. I spent three solid days loading music onto it.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't think so :((( I've never gotten music for free :(

    BQ: It's Blitz! by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's very good, I recommend it!

    BQ2: Umm...none.

    BQ3: About a year ago.

    I really just came here to say: Listen to It's Blitz! :)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Just some songs by e-mail from artists before they release their new album.

    BQ: Hmmm.... I do like It's Blitz!

    BQ2: Liars- Drums Not Dead

    BQ3: The one I'm using now was my brothers, I got it like 3 months ago.

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