Correct italian translation of "Strength is beautiful"?

I know I could have just translated it using the internet, but I was looking for more verification.

So if anyone is italian or knows the language really well, please help!

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  • 8 years ago
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    La forza è bello


    Avere la forza è bello; commonest and meaningful Italian phrase

    Source(s): An Italian surfing the net
  • LeeRen
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    8 years ago

    "forza è bello" doesn't make sense since "forza" is feminine and "bello" is a masculine adjective...the literal translation would be "la forza è bella" but let me say in italian it doesn't sound good even if it's correct from a grammatical point of view.

    Source(s): italian native speaker
  • 8 years ago

    Forza e bello

  • 8 years ago

    Forza e bello!

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  • 8 years ago

    forza è bello

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