22 yr old female navy or army? 1st choice was Airforce but cant join cus of financial issues ?

I can get a pretty good job in Army with my score but a little afraid I will be in combat I don't really mind deployment jus not too much! I don't really kno a lot about Navy so I have ?s! How long will I be able to stay on land and how is life on a ship! I wud love 2 get answers 4rm personal experience and your opinons plz!!! Which will help me better in the civilian world also so if their are any female that's in army or navy plz give me the pros and cons! Ready 2 join asap and have 2 make a decision soon! Thanks! Sorry so long!

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    8 years ago

    No matter what branch you join combat is a possibility. However, as a female you are less likely to see combat. You will still deploy though, if you are trying to be a cook or a medic your skills will be needed overseas. I'm not in the Navy so I can't tell you what life on a ship is like.

    @ Asif1234: The Air Force and Coast Guard are unique in the fact that they can turn away people who have bad credit altogether. The other branches only turn you away based on credit if you need a security clearance for the job you are applying for.

  • 8 years ago

    If you have financial issues that prohibit you from joining the Air Force, the other branches of the military will not be available to you either.

    Talk to a recruiter to be sure.

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