is anyone else confused about if Eduardo Fresco wants us to take him seriously? (Wilmer Valderrama)?

i love love LOVE Wilmer Valderrama!! ...but i'm slightly confused as to whether he wants us to take the other part of him "Eduardo Fresco" seriously or if this is a joke? its just because he gave himself a new name for singing which got me all i'm guessing it is a joke....stunt thing... but i don't know maybe he does want us to take the Eduardo Fresco part of him seriously - i don't know, i'm so confused!!! i feel like such a bad fan not knowing whether this is a joke or not!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think that it was joke. BUT majority of the viewers actually enjoyed the music and video (and the fact that it's OMG Wilmer Valderrama). SO.. I have decided to support him anyway and I always ask him to bring out some more Fresco entertainment! Maybe you didn't like the music, but it was entertaining enough to make me want more! "Eduardo Fresco" has his own twitter and facebook. I think it's popular enough, or at least it could be. :)

    Basically, a joke that turned out pretty well and could possibly make Mr. Valderrama also known as a music artist. :)

    Source(s): My love for Wilmer Valderrama aka Fez aka Handy Manny aka Eduardo Fresco <3
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    We are all more confused by you. Life is short. Please don't ask meaningless questions to waste our time.

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