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Finally, an accurate rape analogy?

I'm sure I'm not the only one on here tired of people comparing rape, to walking through a bad neighborhood with money hanging out of your pockets or whatever other "analogies" that people make up to show that women are blamed for their rapes.

I came across this analogy from another answerer's link and it's WAY more accurate:

Man: Hello, I'd like to report a mugging.

Officer: A mugging, eh? Where did it take place?

Man: I was walking by 21st and Dundritch Street and a man pulled out a gun and said, "Give me all your money."

Officer: And did you?

Man: Yes, I co-operated.

Officer: So you willingly gave the man your money without fighting back, calling for help or trying to escape?

Man: Well, yes, but I was terrified. I thought he was going to kill me!

Officer: Mmm. But you did co-operate with him. And I've been informed that you're quite a philanthropist, too.

Man: I give to charity, yes.

Officer: So you like to give money away. You make a habit of giving money away.

Man: What does that have to do with this situation?

Officer: You knowingly walked down Dundritch Street in your suit when everyone knows you like to give away money, and then you didn't fight back. It sounds like you gave money to someone, but now you're having after-donation regret. Tell me, do you really want to ruin his life because of your mistake?

Man: This is ridiculous!

Officer: This is a rape analogy. This is what women face every single day when they try to bring their rapists to justice.

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  • 9 years ago
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    TWO elements that must be added to the environment, in both scenarios... Someone WILLING and CAPABLE of raping a woman [no matter what she's wearing], and someone WILLING and CAPABLE of mugging a man...

    Yes, this is a good analogy, though... No one would question a mugging victim's spending habits, but they do question a woman's clothing choice, where she was, what she was doing, whether or not she'd been drinking, etc...

    @Mr. X... You missed the entire POINT of the analogy... The POINT was, that NO ONE questions a tourists attire... No one questions a person's choice of parking spots... EVERYTHING is questioned on a rape victim... That's the POINT.


    The POINT is that a tourists, that presses charges against a mugger IS NOT GOING TO BE QUESTIONED ABOUT HIS ATTIRE...HIS CAMERA, HIS NAPPY SACK, ETC... Those will NOT be issues in a trial against a mugger, even though CLEARLY he was probably mugged because of his attire...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    ANY person forced to do ANYTHING against their will, at gunpoint or not, has been victimized, and the perpetrator should face justice.

    Nothing justifies rape, just as nothing justifies robbery or various other crimes. But there are often actions a person can take to minimize their risk, or conversely, expose themselves to greater danger.

    Furthermore, it would be foolish to say that a police officer shouldn't ask any other questions such as whether or not the mugging victim had ever encountered the perpetrator before, or try to find out if there were other circumstances, such as buying drugs, that was involved in the supposed 'mugging'.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The best analogy to the victim blaming that takes place with rape is to imagine a person dressed in expensive clothing being robbed and then blamed because they were dressed nice, signaling to the robber they have money.

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  • Jack
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Not accurate! Why?

    Not every woman faces this when accusing a man of rape.

    You can get angry that not every woman faces this making this general analogy false, or you can be happy that not every woman faces this.

    Your choice.

    The fact is simple. Rape is unwanted sexual intercourse, copulation. It is no more. It is no less. It is illegal. It has one or more victims and one or more perpetrators.

    Should a victim be questioned? Well? How else are you going to take a report and get testimony? Should the accused get a fair trial? Well? Yes. All accused people without regard to the accusation should get a fair trial.

    Here is the problem. Is the victim being questioned or harassed? Is a report being taken? Is evidence and testimony being properly examined?

    The question is a matter of due process and competence. It is not a matter of whether or not rape actually happens. Like murder, rape does happen. But unlike murder, evidence is more difficult to examine.

    If you are raped, then report it immediately. Do not wait to report a crime. Do not wash. Do not change clothes. Do not destroy the only physical evidence you have. Be willing to prosecute. Be willing to testify.

    You have to have good evidence to prosecute a crime. You have to have reliable testimony to prosecute a crime. There is no getting around these facts.

    If a crime is committed, then do not wait. Get police involved now.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I can see the emotional appeal this analogy might have for certain types of people, but that doesn't excuse its flaws, a couple of which I list below:

    • rape allegations are taken VERY seriously, by both government and private institutions. An accused man virtually has to prove his innocence, not just demonstrate reasonable doubt.

    • irresponsible behavior is not used to dismiss a crime, but to point out that if the victim had acted differently, the crime could have been avoided. This is a PRACTICAL approach for the real world.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think that's a great analogy and yes, you are right: rape is to consensual sex what mugging is donating money.

    You could make a similar analogy with several other crimes, for instance: breaking and entering vs. visiting when one has been invited, theft vs. receiving gifts, arson vs. campfires, libel vs. writing fiction, painting a mural vs. graffiti, and even playing music so loudly that your neigbors call the cops vs. going to a concert.

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  • 9 years ago

    Agreed! This is a real good one!

    Unfortunately, in reality even this has branched out to missing persons cases. Many times if a kid was missing or reported kidnapped, the first thing cops do are, "Then maybe he/she ran away from YOU."

    And it doesn't matter if you have absolutely no child abuse history and even people vouching that it's impossible. Very rarely do cops start moving til kids' bodies start showing up in ditches and canals.

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  • Jack
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Actually, that's not a more accurate's the analogy that agrees more with your point of view.

    Lets consider a couple of other analogies.

    Man: Hello, I'd like to report a rape.

    Officer: And where is the victim?

    Man: I am the victim.

    Officer: And do you know the man who raped you?

    Man: It wasn't a man who raped was a woman.

    Officer (laughing): WHAT?

    Man: It was a woman who raped me.

    Officer (still laughing): And just how did she do that?

    Man: I think I might've been drugged. We had been drinking, and I passed out. When I came to, she was raping me. I asked her to stop, but she told me if I didn't let her finish, she'd claim that I raped her.

    Officer: That's impossible!

    Man: What's impossible?

    Officer: She couldn't possibly rape you. You're a man. You're stronger than her. And of course if you didn't really want it, you wouldn't have been erect in the first place.

    Man: That's why I think she drugged me. Officer, I have a girlfriend. I didn't want to have sex with this woman, and I asked her to stop. I was afraid when she told me she'd accuse me of raping her that no one would believe my side of the story, and I'd lose my girlfriend, my friends, my family...everyone.

    Officer: Sir, we're really busy. Everyone knows that a woman can't rape a man! If you don't stop wasting our time, we're going to have to charge you with attempting to file a false police report.

    Man: But...I was raped!!! I told her to stop!!! I told her NO!!!

    Officer: If you didn't want it, you wouldn't have had an erect penis. Now this is your last warning...get out, or we'll charge you with making a false report! about this one...

    Man: Officer, I'd like to report an assault.

    Officer: Are you the victim?

    Man: Yes

    Officer (documenting injuries): And who assaulted you.

    Man: My wife.

    Officer: Your wife assaulted you?

    Man: Yes.

    Officer: I see...and what did you do to deserve it?

    Man: What?

    Officer: A woman doesn't just assault a man. You must've done something. So, what did you do?

    Man: Nothing that should warrant her hitting me!

    Officer: Well we'll take your statement and hers, but you should make arrangements to stay someplace else until things cool down.

    Man: But aren't you going to arrest her?

    Officer: We have no proof that she touched you.

    Man: Where do you think my black eye came from?

    Officer: You don't honestly expect me to believe that your wife punched you, do you?

    Man: She did! She's a 3rd Dan in taekwondo!

    Officer (chuckling): Ah...well, as I said, we'll take your statement and talk to her, but I don't see enough here to warrant arresting her.

    Man: But...she...assaulted me!

    Officer: Sir, I've already told you we're going to investigate. But until things cool down, I suggest you find another place to stay. Maybe in a couple of days, talk to her and see if you can't get her to forgive you.

    Man: What?

    Officer: Have a nice day.

    Those are accurate analogies!

    Of course yours is accurate to: men are often told that when crimes happen to us, they aren't as important as when crimes happen to a woman. So it's entirely believable to me that a police officer would make a point of trivializing a man who was robbed because clearly it isn't as bad as when a crime happens to a woman!

    (insert sarcastic eye roll here)

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  • 9 years ago

    I want to make sure I always avoid whatever the hell a lot of you are drinking, let's leave it at that.

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  • 9 years ago

    if you dress like a tourist your chances of getting sh*t stolen from you increases. If you park a Bentley in a bad neighborhood you are more likely to get it stolen.

    No way in hell do we say we are blaming the victim of theft when we say you shouldn't dress like a tourist so you have a less change of getting your stuff taken.

    If wear reveling clothing you are going to get the attention of rapists therefore increasing the chance of rape.

    It doesn't mean we are blaming the victims when people say this. WE KNOW THE RAPISTS ARE 100% AT FAULT BUT WHO DO THEY PREY ON.

    If you choose to wear reveling THAT'S FINE. Just like it's fine to park a car in a bad neighborhood or dress like a tourist BUT REALIZE that you ARE MAY INCREASE THE CHANCE OF GETTING UNWANTED ATTENTION.

    @dark eyes ~ I don't know what planet you live on but people don't question rape cases. 60% of reported get a conviction (ONE OF THE HIGHEST OF ANY VIOLENT CRIME IN THE UK). The 6% stat is BS btw. Up to 10 % of rape cases are false (in the UK). That leaves 30-40% who get away with it an 0-10% who get in jail for a crime they didn't do. My stats are UK government stats so don't bother saying it's BS.

    The idea of questioning the rape victim comes from when people say EXACTLY WHAT I DID.


    It's advice to keep yourself from getting unwanted attention.

    @Dark eyes ~ Again WHAT MAKE YOU THINK THEY ARE? Seriously, Strauss-Kahn case she wasn't questioned on it. Kobe Bryant's case she wasn't. Mike Tyson's wasn't. So seriously makes you think that happens after the fact? Please tell me?


    Also, they are some people that do bring it up after the fact. But people do the same for anything else.

    Example: A person left his door unlocked and got robbed and people said that person shouldn't have left the door unlocked. People are just putting out stuff that other people can learn from.

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