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Doctor is taking forever with my HIV results?

I tested for HIV on Monday after a year of wondering if I had it. It was a horrible nerve wracking experience for me and they said at most 2 days. Well first their printer was broken at my dr's office, and when I called today, his receptionist said

"they are sitting on his desk, he just hasn't gotten around to calling you yet."

"does that mean they are bad?"

"no, don't start freaking out, he just likes to call each patient personally and discuss any questions."

Seriously? It's freaking Thursday, if they have my results why are they just SITTING on his desk?? they are HIV RESULTS. Why would a doctor be so careless?

I understand that he has other patients, but come on. It's hiv. Why must he insist on letting me squirm?

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    Don't listen to smart asses like Bill, his common sense doesn't work in this scenario. A doctor has the responsibility of advising an HIV+ patient to start treatment a.s.a.p. so if you think that way his procrastination could even be perceived as a good sign.

    At any rate, I've had worse, they wouldn't even tell me on the phone, and I had to go to the clinic to get the results face to face from the nurse. The result was non-reactive, a.k.a. negative. I was also pretty sure I was in trouble when I couldn't get anything on the phone, but it turned out they did the same to anyone who got tested for HIV no matter what the result.

    Come to think of it, they have valid reasons to do this. They have the responsibility of making sure both positive and negative patients know exactly where they stand and what's next. Positive patients could commit suicide instead of seeking treatment, and negative patients unaware of the window period would refrain from taking another test in the future. So they want to involve a professional to advise the patient.

    All that said, of course your result could still be positive. But the doctor taking too long to advise you of the result doesn't necessarily mean it will be. If you were 50% sure you had HIV prior to the test, don't make that 51% until you get the results back. I've been there and done that, it doesn't do anything but harm.

    And even if it comes back positive, never forget these:

    - Just by adjusting their lifestyle and using medication, HIV+ patients can easily live a healthy life for extended periods of time.

    - If you're of Northern European descent, there is always a chance you'll have the protective CCR5 Delta 32 gene. If that's the case, the tests would still show HIV+, but the virus wouldn't be able to compromise your immune system.

    - Even if you were infected and did nothing about it, you'd have some 10 relatively healthy years to live. With treatment that'll at least double. It's certainly possible for a new, more effective treatment to emerge in so much time.

    - People who truly care about you and are not ignorant about this disease would keep treating you the same way. Who gives a horn about the others anyhow? And you could still date, have sex, even have healthy children with a little bit of luck.

    - There is such a thing as a false positive result, and it's much more common than a false negative.

    Try to be patient meanwhile, and pressure the doctor to release your results in the meantime so that HE can't be too patient anymore.

    Good luck!

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    First and most important, I might say loosen up and loosen up somewhat (tougher than it sounds i'm definite). The residence exams aren't one hundred% correct, and might exhibit fake positives. You will have to cross see your neighborhood household general practitioner as quickly as viable to affirm the prognosis. Doing a residence scan isn't a affirmation. Second, you will have to speak along with your female friend as quickly as viable as good. Preferably, you will have to see your general practitioner first, but when it is a lengthy wait, then do not eliminate speaking for your female friend. You do not wish to danger her having intercourse with anyone else and potentially infecting them. You will have to of path inform her it is not a one hundred%, and that you just will have to probably cross in combination. Being HIV + is NOT the demise sentence it was. You can are living a natural healthful existence with the brand new medicinal drugs available in the market and potentially NEVER get AIDS. Talk for your general practitioner as quickly as viable and begin remedy if you're established HIV +. You ought to inform her even though, and breaking apart might now not be my first idea. Having anyone to have and maintain throughout this elaborate time might be a big advantage. There are of path different causes to stick in combination, however allow's simply wish it is a fake confident, get validated probably, and FOR GODS SAKE, everybody studying this, please defend your self in case your going to have intercourse! Good good fortune and god bless.

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    Try not to stress yourself out about not hearing anything. Sometimes when it comes to Dr's, NO news can be good news. I would give them another call and leave a personal message for the Doctor to call you back. Going down there sometimes wont really get you anywhere since you do not have an appointment. Good luck to you.

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    The doctor is careless? He's probably very busy...go into the office and don't leave until he gives you the results. Perhaps it is bad news and he wants to discuss this with you ( including further treatment.)

    Keep your fingers crossed.

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  • Don't be SO freaked out,just give him time and hope everything is gonna be fine,coz u never know,maybe he just haven't got time yet/he might be too busy.

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