Which owner is the worst out of Al Davis, Daniel Snyder, and Mike Brown?

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  • 9 years ago
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    - Mike Brown. Al Davis and Daniel Snyder may spend money unwisely at times, but at least they spend money and try to compete. Mike Brown's Bengals had the 5th lowest payroll in the NFL last season, low enough in fact that his team wouldn't even meet the salary floor requirement of $108mil in the new collective bargaining agreement this season.

    - Brown also refuses to do things like build an indoor practice facility for his team, even when a couple of surrounding HIGH SCHOOLS have indoor practice facilities. And out of spite, he does things like refuse to trade Carson Palmer even though it will hurt the team not to trade him. Brown was also receiving revenue sharing money from more successful NFL teams and instead of putting it toward his football team he just pocketed most of the money himself. I don't think he cares much about competing in the NFL. He runs his team more like a collection of Burger King franchises struggling to stay afloat financially than trying to run it like a competitive NFL owner would.

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  • gary w
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    9 years ago

    well thats a toss up , depending on who is opening there mouth at this time, which seems to be brown, and snyder is one owner who cannot seem to get anyone to fit his team the way he wants it. he should let a general manager , manage his team so as to have some stability. as far as davis goes he is out of touch with todays nfl football and makes bad decissions all the time, so i cannot say who really is worse, they all suck, and i would not want to coach there teams or play for there teams. i guess if i had to pick one , i will go with davis.

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