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How would you say these words in American English (please include synonyms and definitions)?

I need to learn these words for college, how would you say these in American English?

Please include definitions when you can, thanks!

shift gears

shift down/ shift up

to pass/ to overtake

to flash one's headlights

to put one's headlights on full beam

to yield

to sound/ honk one's horn

to skid

to keep to the speed limit

to break the speed limit (go over the speed limit?)

to jump thru a red light/ go thru a red light

to ignore a stop light/ to go thru a stop light

old heap/ banger = old car that doesn't work well anymore

station wagon

front-wheel drive car


trailer truck

tow truck

camper/ camper van

drink driver (driver who has drunk)

petrol cap

petrol tank

petrol gauge

hazard (warning) lights

gear shift/lever/stick



indicator (light that blinks on a car)


side-view mirror

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    most of those are American English already.

    You might hear "change gears" more than "shift" but shift would be understood.

    Drink driver would be drunk diver.

    Petrol would be gas (and petrol tank gas tank, etc.)

    Flasher (like turn signals?) would be blinkers (or turn signals). Same with indicator if you mean a turn indicator.

    Old heap/banger would be junk heap or rust bucket.

    It wouldn't be to jump through a red light but to go through a red light or to run a red light.

    To obey the speed limit or to go the speed limit instead of to keep to.

    To break the speed limit would just be "to speed"

    Camper/camper van would probably be a trailer, not sure about that one.

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    shifts gear:

    Tape the word(s) in Google + definition

    and you'll have the explanations.

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