Need help with online job application?

I'm in desperate need of a job and i want to apply to work at mcdonalds a uk one. they have an online application form with some questions on it. can someone give me the answers to the questions please, i really need this job.

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  • 9 years ago
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    O.M.G. - I would agree with you.

    It isn't rocket science filling in those forms. And there aren't right and wrong answers. They are tested and scored on aptitude and personality anyway.

    Tesco's application forms work on the same basis.

    But then if you go into the McD's they'll probably tell you to complete the form on line - like they do at Tesco's !!!

    If you don't get in, there's always Kentucky :-)

  • hazel
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    9 years ago

    I am guessing its a survey? Those things really are not important that much and don't affect you getting the job. I would suggest just going to a local Mcdonalds straight up and ask if they have any vacancies or say you are interested in joining their team and see how it goes.

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