How to explain what a Conspiracy Theory is to a bunch of arrogant idiots?

So, I have to write a speech and I have chosen to do mine on Conspiracy Theories. I am in High School and a majority of my English class probably won't know much about Conspiracy Theories. Could anyone help me with how to explain it to an idiot? Just so it's very clear and I can ramble on for ages to take up more time. Thanks.

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    The legendary and indefatigable writing team of Brad and Sherry Steiger have put together a truly massive and comprehensive pictorial book of encyclopedic proportions dealing with a truly wide-range of information on alleged conspiracies and secret societies. A handy reference tool for the seasoned conspiracy buff or the newcomer alike, this book parades out for your thoughtful inspection and reading enjoyment not only the old cherished classics like L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society, Aleister Crowley and the Order of the Golden Dawn, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, MK-ULTRA, the Montauk Project, and of course the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, but also brings us up-to-date with more recent headline events like Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, Al-Qaeda, Asian Tsunami 2004, AIDS/HIV, West Nile Virus, Waco, Order of the Solar Temple, the Oklahoma City bombing, Heaven's Gate, to name but a very few alleged conspiracies and secret societies detailed in this thought-provoking volume.

    Conspiracies and Secret Societies:

    The Complete Dossier is a volume that I can highly recommend.

    It would make a handsome addition to the library shelves of anyone who enjoys a good intellectual challenge posed by tales of mystery, conspiracy, and the alleged activities of secret societies.

    This book delves into and reports on all sorts of brain-teasing mysteries in vast multiples, from all over the world, both ancient and modern.

    It may be advisable to concentrate on some conspiracies of recent times however, as this may provoke a debate on the matter, thus engaging your audience with something they all will have at least some thoughts on, but may otherwise have never contemplated any alternative explanations to them.

    Here are some helpful links which will hopefully help you decide what to talk about in your presentation:

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    This one is should be of particular interest to those who have family in the armed forces, but be prepared for some angry responses:

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    Good luck.

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    A Conspiracy Theory is simply a theory that there was a conspiracy. If the evidence supports the theory then it ceases to be a theory and becomes Conspiracy FACT.

    Conspiracy theories are postulated all the time. The vast majority of conspiracy theories are postulated in court rooms by lawyers / attorneys. Many of these conspiracy theories are backed by evidence and are subsequently judged by the jury to be conspiracy FACT, whereupon someone is then sentenced by the judge.

    One of the worst offenders, when it comes to conspiracy theories, is governments. They regularly falsify evidence and commit scientific fraud. The conspiracy theories postulated by government can often be characterised as "Coincidence Theory" or "Endless Series of Statistically Unlikely Events Theory". For example, a man is standing over a dead body holding a knife that is dripping with blood. Witnesses point at the man and say "he killed him". Now according to Coincidence Theory, there was no conspiracy to murder, it's all just a big series of unremarkable coincidences. Coincidence Theory then proceeds to ignore most, if not all, of the evidence and ends up blaming the dead man for his own death!

    Coincidence Theory often blames a group or a country who are weaker than they are. For instance, America might blame a small 3rd world country like Afghanistan but Afghanistan would be too scared to point to an explosion and blame it on America. Thus, Coincidence Theory can often be described as Scapegoat Theory.

    Clever people will often exploit Normalcy Bias when trying to propagate their own Coincidence Theory. Normalcy bias can be carefully cultivated using years of brainwashing. Brainwashing is actually quite easy. The easiest way to brainwash people is simply to lie or to not tell people what the fvck has been going in the world!

    Good luck with your school or brainwashing or whatever it is you guys learn these days!

  • bill j
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    The main difference between a conspiracy theory and reality is simple. Reality is backed up with facts. Conspiracy theories depend on a persons personal beliefs.

    John cites a good example. Elvis. In reality he is dead. And there are ample facts to back this up. There are many people who saw his dead body. It's possible his family and friends who saw him dead were mistaken but I am positive the doctor who examined him and signed the death certificate, the medical examiner who cut him open and the funeral home people who drained his blood and replaced it with embalming fluid can report him as dead. These are facts.

    But there are some people who want Elvis to be alive for personal or financial motives. So they deny all the hard evidence and claim it doesn't count because it is just a vast conspiracy which of course includes a large section of the government. The hospital, the coroners office, the police, they are all in on it. They have no evidence, they have no facts. Just a personal belief they will defend with their dying breath.

    Look at 9/11. If you want to know what brought down the buildings just watch the video tape. 2 plane hit 2 buildings and both buildings collapsed. But the conspiracy theorist deny the evidence and claim a "secret" government plan destroyed the buildings. Here is a question you can pose to the theories. They claim President Bush and the CIA wired the buildings to explode. Lets assume for the discussion Bush and the CIA had advanced knowledge of the exact day, time and buildings to be attacked. They knew who the terrorist were and exactly how they would operate. So they wired the buildings ahead of time. Now that we have established all that consider this. Both buildings collapsed starting at the point of impact of the planes. Here is the question. How did President Bush and the CIA know exactly which floor the planes would hit when the terrorist didn't know until the last second? Either Bush and the terrorist executed a perfectly planned and coordinated attack or it was just coincidence. The theorists will pick one of these reasons, or invent an equally implausible one, and rant at you it must be true because they want it to be true.

    I recently missed my mom's 75th birthday. I was in the hospital having heart surgery due to my 3rd heart attack. There are those in my family ( my idiot brother) who claims I faked the heart attack and the surgery just to miss my mom's birthday and hurt her feelings. According to him the ambulance medics, the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and the surgeon who operated on me are all in a conspiracy to ruin my mom's birthday party. All the medical test, the blood work, even the huge scars on my chest were all planted by me and the hospital to back up my fake claims.

    The truth is he is pissed off because I bought my mom a new car for her birthday and all he got her was a $2 birthday card. He doesn't really believe in his own conspiracy theory. It is just something he uses to make me look worse than him. He has been promoting his theory for 7 months now. No one believes him and they never will. But he doesn't care. He has made up his story and will stick top it till the day he dies.

    Here is what I would suggest you do. Take the stage and promote the 9/11 conspiracy. Sell it like you really believe it. When you are through ask those who agree with you to raise their hands. Then shoot in the head everyone who raises their hand. You can't change an idiots mind with the truth, facts, evidence or reality. But you can kill them and raise the average IQ rate in your area.

    Here is the really great part. You can sit in prison and start a conspiracy theory that you killed all those people because you are a space alien reincarnation of Elvis on a joint CIA/Mafia task force bent on total world domination and the reelection of Ronald Reagan. Who isn't really dead. He has been living on an alien planet with advanced medical techniques and is now returned to rule the world. I promise you every liberal, Elvis fan and space alien nut in America will agree with you, jump on your band wagon, promote your theory and probably get you a pardon.

    What I am trying to say is you can't win an argument with an idiot. But you can have fun. Enjoy.

  • John
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    Conspiracy Theories can be just self deluding theories about events in history, they can also be aggressive re-writing of history based on the prejudices of individuals or groups. You may like to start by asking the kids; 'tell me what makes a 911 Truther more respectable than the people who believe Elvis is alive'? There is the same quality of argument used by Truthers as by 'Elvis is still with us' people. Another good example to ask is why people doubt the Governments explanation for events in Oklahoma City, but few people doubt the explanation of events in Columbine. Some people say witnesses in Oklahoma saw different people and events than the Official Report described. but just as many students at Columbine submitted just as many contradictory statements as were given in Oklahoma, but there are no 'Columbine Conspiracy Groups'. In the recent tragic shootings in Norway many students reported seeing a 'second gunman' walking around shooting people. There was no second gunman. What does this tell us about people who 'heard shots coming from the Grassy Knoll'? Why do some people think the Norway students were mistaken, but not people in Dallas who heard (or thought they did), second shooters?

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    My favorite conception was once that every person is in purgatory, and have to uncover peace with their beyond by way of their reports at the island -- so while a person "dies", they have got discovered peace. This suggestion was once bourne out incidentally Boone died, and by means of the surreal and cathartic reports at the island. It additionally defined why crusing clear of the island introduced you again to it -- it is not relatively on this planet. Sadly, this has been shot down by means of the manufacturers confirming that it is not precise! Also one of the crucial person deaths have not been after notably predominant tendencies of their studies; for instance, the 2 tailies Michael shot had been dispatched with out a lot fanfare and with out predominant individual difference instantly previously. I extensively utilized to suspect that the island was once notably additional North than the characters suppose, peculiarly given the polar undergo and the radio indications within the North Atlantic, however because they have got defined the presence of the bears that suggestion does not have any distinct force.

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    something you reject.

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