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Can you return animals to the humane society?

I just went to the Florence Area Humane Society and got a cat and a kitten. The cat keeps attacking the kitten every time it walks by and hits it and hisses. I wanted 2 animals so they could play and they recommended that I get a male kitten with her as it would be better,but she keeps attacking him! Can I take her back?


I mean I don't know what to do, they are keeping me and my roommates up because I have to keep them in my room because the dogs are here and the kitten keeps wailing because she keeps knocking the crap out of him, he keeps trying though to get near here like every 10 minutes and sure enough she keeps hitting and hissing.

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    As bad as this is going to sound, yes you can, because I have before.

    I adopted Dusty, the tabby in my picture, at 10-weeks-old and he was disabled, he had a broken leg which had healed sideways. I wanted to get him a playmate, to offset arthritis so he'd have another kitty to run around with, but the female we picked was an "only cat" type and she actually put a paw on his throat and her mouth over his mouth and nose, along with exactly what you're describing.

    He was my baby and my mom and I decided it wouldn't be the best interest for anyone to try to make them be friends, not at that level of aggression toward him; so I went back for a female closer to his age, and they've been inseparable ever since. I feel like I did the right thing, especially since Sassy was quickly re-homed by a little old lady that was thrilled to find out she was an "only cat in the household" type. (:

    It's your call. If you feel like this won't let up, you can return her and tell them that she's being aggressive toward him, and/or that she'd likely be better suited as an "only cat." They usually have like a week long contract or something, if anything goes wrong, they'll take her back.

    If you feel like you can retry the introduction process, then by all means, do that.

    I wish I could come up with a better word than "return" - makes me feel like I'm talking about a pair of jeans that didn't fit. ):

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    Wow it is a disgrace to look you did not obtain a REAL reply in your query. No, they can not high-quality you for no longer getting her photographs. They might provide you a lecture however that's all you'll get. The humane society has noticeable a lot worse of their day. I used to volunteer at one in the neighborhood and we would see puppies simply tied as much as the fence left there for the night time for us to discover within the morning. Or packing containers of baby kittens left at the step within the night time. Some folks relatively deal with animals like they're not anything and the humane society will likely be comfortable sufficient that you simply had the decency to come back in your self and give up your cat. One that you've got gave the impression to have taken well care of via making definite it used to be saved interior and nontoxic from damage. :) EDIT: Glad to look you might have gotten extra than simply junk mail and impolite solutions now :D

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    The cats are probably not used to each other, like i took my kitten to see her brother and she didn't like him one bit because they weren't use to each other anymore, after a while the cats will connect, also like my cat Olivia, when we first got her she was scared and now shes fine with all the cats. Well she hates some that was because she had a kitten but it died today from the Flea Spray

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    it takes some time..give them a week or so

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