I need advice on standing up to major pharmaceutical companies.!?

I stopped using Prozac over 6 years ago because of erectile dysfunction that resulted from that poison. It almost led to my suicide years back because the side effects never totally went away after ceasing use but I stayed strong and to this day I still have permanent sexual side effects(ED and premature ejaculation) from taking this dogs%^$. I was only 15 when I started taking it because my parents made me and despite my protests I took it because I lived under their roof and was unaware of it causing sexual side effects. Now that I've explained that I'll tell you that I have tried to settle with Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company and yet these corporate pigs refuse to pay for anything, even therapy to make me better. I want to channel this extreme rage I have at the pharmaceutical companies by getting politically involved so other people's lives aren't f&%$ed up or ruined. I am staying positive and not letting this destroy my whole life but I must admit it has severely f%$#ed up the quality of my life and my relationships with women. So can anyone suggest where I start? Since I'm not a politician and just a simple welder what would I be able to do to curb these evill business practices? Do I contact the Supreme Court? Should I organize a picket protest outside of Eli Lilly? These pharm companies try to convince everyone they need all sorts of harmful drugs with nasty side effects that they are better off without. The only medicine I should've been using was cannabis but these same companies that peddle poison are the ones paying for drug war propaganda. They make folks think they need these SSRIs for depression when in reality people have lived for hundreds of thousands of years without taking them to "regulate" themselves and they were much better off because of it. I am willing to put all of my effort into making changes and spreading awareness I just don't know where to start. Someone please give me some suggestions of how one guy like me can make some changes.


If anyone has ANY advice whatsoever on how I can get started I am all ears. I would literally give my life for this $hit if it means millions of people won't have their lives ruined by these evil corporations.

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    SBA: allows for a $300.000.00 innovation research grant. $0.00 out Pocket start up.

    split grant in half $150,000.00 PTO Patent and or trade office. the other $150,000.00 liability.

    start with something simple. [none dangerous] but a good seller. the fed will not lance cannabis.

    the first leasing out of the pharmaceutical is +$840,000,000.00 it not evil Corporation just book price.

    example;90% lanolin oil from wool. 5% Alvera oil,5% Malacca oil. what a anti-burn cream.

    biggest customer United states armed force's. It's the good stuff a $197.00 a 1/4 inch tub bottle.

    the only hang up in Idaho is when you flat fee your lawyer, they do not aways fallow throw on patent.

    like the $805.00 payed lawyer jay Bart's on a flat fee.

    anti-burn cream 80,000,000 units sold. prevents Dipper rash.customer procter gamble.

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