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Stacey asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 9 years ago

Would it be okay to use Carlos as a middle name?

if I'm not one bit Spanish or Mexican. Would it be too weird. The name has been growing on me lately but it seems a bit odd since I'm pale white with red hair so even if I don't marry a Spanish or Mexican man and have a possibly pale white red haired son do you think it would be weird for his middle name to be Carlos?

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  • Ruby
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    9 years ago
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    Not really..if you want to use it go for it. Don't worry what people will think, it's 100% your choice! I've heard of people who aren't Spanish/Mexican named Carlos anyway.

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  • As a middle name, nahhh it wouldn't be bad. Nobody really knows your middle name outside your family and friends. Now, if it were being used as a first name on a pale red-head, then that would seem a bit strange to others. haha. But if you love it, go for it! :)

    ♥кαуℓєє ℓуηη

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  • 9 years ago

    I think it would be a little bit odd, but if that's the name you want, go for it.

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