Are the main characters on Seinfeld based on real people or not?

I've read the entire Wikipedia page and it does not mention whether the four main characters (Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer) are based on real people or not. I thought the show was supposed to be based on Jerry Seinfeld's real life, but are the characters completely made-up?

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    Yes here are the counterparts:

    Jerry Seinfeld - himself

    George - Larry David

    Kramer - Jerry's neighbor Kenny Kramer

    Elaine - Carol Leifer (show writer and Jerry's real life ex gf)

    Some others:

    Elaine's dad Alston Benes - author Richard Yates

    Soup Nazi - NYC soup restaurant owner Al Yeganeh

    Jackie Chiles - Johnny Cochran

    Mr Bookman the library cop - Joe Friday from Dragnet

    Mr Steinbrenner - George Steinbrenner

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    Seinfeld Characters Based On

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    The co-writer of Seinfeld, Larry David actually lived across the hall from a man named Kenny Kramer for many years. Cosmo Kramer, the Seinfeld Character, was roughly modeled after Kenny. George was modeled slightly after Larry David. I'm not sure who had the idea of Elaine, though.

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