Will you name seven children using these names +BQs?

- First and Middle names.

- You can pick the genders, but have at least one boy and one girl.

- Some of these are on my favourites, some are not.

- You CAN only have TWO names with double middle names, if you wish to have double middle names at all.

- You can do more than seven if you wish.


Ezra - Elijah - Wesley - Levi - Rylan - Alexander - Carter - Mason - Oliver - James - Tobias - Sebastian - Beckham - Owen - Jude - Drew - Tristan - Emerson - Landon - Dakota - Riley - Liam - Seth - Anthony - Nathaniel - Justin - Paxton - Logan - Damian - Samuel - Cameron - Theodore - Noah - Ethan - Nolan - Matthew - Wyatt - Michael - Phoenix - Austin - Connor - Ethan - Nicholas - Finn - Roman


Amelia - Madeleine - Delilah - Lillian - Lilliana - Elizabeth - Savannah - Shea - Brooke - Charlotte - Scarlett - Elouise - Juliette - Rose - Grace - Marie - Noelle - Sophia - Carina - Isobel - Blair - Emma - Alexandra - Seraphina - Olivia - Payton - Rachael - Ava - Hermione - Leighton - Teagan - Kendall - Blake - Kiara - Veronica - Chelsea - Tatum - Ryan - Emmeline - Ashlyn - Cassidy - Aurora - Taylor - Carolyn - Annabel - Hadley - Annaliese

BQ: What's your favorite boy and girl combo out of the ones you made?

BQ2: What's your favorite boy and girl combo of all time?

Star for more! :)

-- Shelby.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I did 12, 6 boys and 6 girls :)


    Levi Matthew

    Rylan Connor

    Nicholas Wyatt

    Logan Finn

    James Alexander

    Austin Beckham


    Olivia Charlotte

    Teagan Amelia

    Madeleine Savannah

    Scarlett Elizabeth

    Brooke Alexandra

    Cassidy Lilliana

    Levi, Rylan, Nick, Logan, James, Austin, Olivia, Teagan, Maddie, Scarlett, Brooke & Cassie :)

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  • 9 years ago

    I really like your names!

    Ezra Riley

    Elijah Anthony

    Wesley Logan

    Levi Emerson

    Rylan Carter

    Finn Alexander

    Phoenix Nolan

    Roman Michael

    Seth Sebastian

    Nathaniel Owen

    Mason Samuel

    James Oliver

    Austin Tobias

    Beckham Jude

    Tristan Justin

    Landon Drew

    Dakota Wyatt

    Paxton Theodore

    Damian Mathew

    Cameron Noah

    Amelia Rose

    Madeleine Leighton

    Delilah Elouise

    Annabel Lilliana

    Alexandra Lillian

    Hermione Elizabeth

    Savannah Blair

    Taylor Shea

    Chelsea Brooke

    Charlotte Grace

    Scarlott Sophia

    Juliette Isobel

    Emmeline Marie

    Teagan Noelle

    Carina Ryan

    Emma Veronica

    Seraphina Tatum

    Olivia Payton

    Cassidy Rachael

    Ava Carolyn

    Kendall Aurora

    Annaliese Blake

    Ashlyn Hadley

    Kiara Carolyn

    BQ: Amelia Rose and Levi Emerson

    BQ2: Juliet Linnéa and Lucas Riley

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  • 9 years ago

    Theodore Wyatt

    Ethan James Logan

    Finn Alexander

    Elouise Sophia

    Rachael Amelia

    Kiara Ava Rose

    Annaliese Emmeline

    BQ Finn Alexander & Elouise Sophia

    BQ2 Jack William & Molly Ferne

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  • 5 years ago

    Elijah Finn

    Sebastian Jude

    Elouise Scarlett

    Madeleine Noelle

    Seth Austin

    Logan Theodore

    Blair Juliette

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Austin James

    Logan Anthony

    Connor Drew

    Charlotte Olivia

    Amelia Rose

    Savannah Grace

    BQ: Austin James and Charlotte Olivia

    BQ2: Austin Jame and Mia Rose

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  • 9 years ago


    *Lillian Noelle

    *Amelia Rose

    *Hermione Marie

    *Elouise Scarlett (nn Ellie); though I prefer the spelling "Eloise"


    *Jude Alexander

    *Theodore Liam

    *Samuel Nicholas

    BQ: I like Lillian Noelle, Amelia Rose, and Jude Alexander

    BQ:Girls: Eleanor Margaret

    Adelaide Elizabeth

    Lorelei Kathleen

    Boys: Bergan Christopher Frederick

    Roland Emory Willian

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  • 9 years ago


    Rylan Levi

    Mason Nathaniel

    Oliver Finn

    Jude Dakota

    Riley Austin

    Seth Liam

    Noah Phoenix


    Amelia Grace (Emilia Grayce)

    Shea Lilliana (Shaye Lilyanna)

    Teagan Delilah (Tiegan)

    Blake Olivia

    Kendall Sophia

    Rachael Alexandra (Rachel)

    Payton Savannah

    7 for each gender! My two favourites are Noah Phoenix and Payton Savannah. (My choice of spelling in brackets)

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  • 9 years ago

    1. Ava Shea

    2. Kendall Rose

    3. Olivia Brooke

    4. Cassidy Marie

    5. Madeleine Grace

    6. Carter Owen

    7. Logan Anthony

    BQ1: Logan Anthony and Ava Shea

    BQ2: Ava Ellery and Logan Anthony

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  • Calla
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Amelia Lillian

    Sebastian Jude

    Oliver James

    Tobias Wesley

    Nathaniel Alexander

    Damian Ezra

    Seraphina Elizabeth

    BQ: Amelia Lillian and Sebastian Jude

    BQ2: Jude Henry & Milla Kate

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  • 9 years ago

    1.Ethan Alexander

    2.Carter Nathaniel

    3.Noah Samuel

    4.Cameron James

    5.Payton Sophia

    6.Teagan Rose

    7.Isobel Grace

    8.Ava Marie

    BQ: Noah Samuel&Payton Sophia

    BQ2: Mallory Kate&Cade Samuel

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