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Advice on where to party in Dublin for an 18th birthday?


I'm considering spending around 5 days in Dublin to celebrate my 18th birthday (I'm from Ipswich in England), and whilst I have done some internet research on where to go/where to stay etc. I would really appreciate some first hand advice as to where are the best clubs/bars to visit.

It will be myself and 1, possibly 2 friends, and we just want to go mental for the 4/5 days we spend there loool. And no, this is not our first time 'out' before someone attempts to adopt a patronising tone and tell us not to travel for a birthday, we recently visited Spain and really enjoyed partying until sunrise every morning!

So yeah, any advice on where to go and close places to stay within Dublin would be appreciated, thanks very much.

Oh, and the 'get-away' will take place in February :)


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    Well Dublin is pretty much the same as england, the clubs close at 2.30am at the weekends, and the off license stop serving after 10 :/, Spain is WAY Better for partying cos the bars are open all night...but good bars gowans in stillorgan, on thursdays every drink is 3.50 :) Q Bar In city centre is quite popular and some clubs in temple bar are great too, oh and not to forget the gay bars, georges gay bar is theee best sooo fun going there, and then where you might meet celebs ..lilies bordello...verrry posh , and drinks are overpriced, but you could spot a celeb there!!! Hope you have fun in dublin :) Be safe!

    Source(s): Im from Dublin
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