a condition that involves body temors and migraines. will explain further in details.?

okay so this may sound a little weird but i just turned 17 and for the past 3 years ive noticed my body shakes...most of the time it will simply be hand tremors that are constant but it will grow and my entire body will shake unless i physically stop myself. my arms will shake my legs my hands my head my jaw and very recently my eyes will start moving side to side rapidly...not positive about the last one i just assume it occurs as my vision will start vibrating. also i got chronic migraines for about a year where i would have 1 every day and they were incredibally painful. i also have an odd sleep pattern (in my opinion) as i will close my eyes, black out (meaning no dreams or anything), and i will not wake up for at least 9 hours no matter what happens. i have been pushed out of bed, hit, had water thrown on me and nothing would wake me. i went to a nuerologist about a month ago and his answer was that i has essential tremors (which are common in 60-80 yr olds) and i was just a sleepy teen. i dont believe this as the visit seemed more like he just wanted me out of there than anything else... anyone know anything that could cause any of this? i know vitamin b deficency causes some of this but idk :/...any help would be appreciated

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  • 8 years ago
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    No clue man. To be honest, there hundreds of neurological symptoms that present with tremors and migraines and seizures and its nearly impossible to diagnose something that unique. My advice, check with another nuero doc that is board certified, and see what he says.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You need to speak to a better doctor ASAP. It sounds like it could be a brain tumor; it's definitely solid ground to have a CT scan. Don't stop until a doctor helps you.

  • 4 years ago

    Not really a sup rise to me, heard his nose litarally melted away during the autopsy too.

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