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Old Navy employee discount card?

I've only worked at old navy for about a week, but on my first day I filled out the online registration thing for the employee discount card. My manager said I would get it in a week or so. My question is, where am I going to get it? Is it going to be mailed to me or do I have to pick it up at work?

Also, for any employee who has ever used their discount you just go to the store when you're not working to shop and buy clothes? Or do you go on your break? Haha sorry if you can tell this is my first job.


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    Hi! Your employee discount card should be mailed to the home address that you provided. I got mine through the mail. As for using it, I go to any Old Navy to shop. I tend to shop on my breaks. But if I have to return something, I will go to another Old Navy. For some strange reason, I don't like returning things to the ON that I work at. It's awkward, lol!

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    Old Navy Discount Card

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