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What happened to all of these artists?

They all seemed to have way better earlier work.

Eminem: His old works, such as Marshall Mathers LP and Slim Shady LP, showed much better rapping skills than what he does these days. Sure you can say he’s getting back to it now but to me he is not completely back.

Lil Wayne: Was completely different back then than now. To me is his early career he had a good amount of potential to become something in this game and the potential was showing in Tha Carter 1 and Tha Carter 2. If Wayne continued the mindset he had in those two albums, he would be way more bearable than today. And if you don’t believe me…

Compare these songs: Carter 1 and Carter 2

Youtube thumbnail

Youtube thumbnail

Youtube thumbnail

To these songs: Carter 3 and Im not a Human Being

Youtube thumbnail

Youtube thumbnail


Black Eye Peas: True rappers to the game in their beginning of their career, now are a complete joke to it. Considered one of the most biggest sellouts in music

Pitbull: Gave up his great rapping ability just to appeal to the mainstream crowd.

From dropping verses like this

Youtube thumbnail


To pop music for the mainstream crowd

Youtube thumbnail


Fat Joe: Biggest surprise to me. Just seemed to have lost all of the talent he had.

From songs like this

Youtube thumbnail

To this (also a good example for Wayne)

Youtube thumbnail

This goes same with other rappers like:

Jay Z

Kanye West

Lupe (compare Enemy of the State to Lasers)

What happened to these artists?

Also can you name any more that had the same situation?

Different genres are ok just make sure you type what genre they are in.

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    the mainstream of Hip Hop evolved.

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    Eminem: He is sober now & rich. No more problems to rap about >>> poppy songs

    Lil Wayne: Always been sucky, now he uses autotune

    Black Eye Peas: Sudden transformation to dance music. (can't explain that)

    Pitbull: great rapping ability? lol his party music is way better

    Fat Joe:The Darkside vol 1 was a dope album, too bad it flopped

    Jay Z: Too Old, Too Rich

    Kanye West: Other than 808 & heartbreaks, all his albums are dope

    Lupe Fiasco: Lasers was forced by his Label. He said himself that it was a bad pop album. He didn't have a say in what songs to put on the Album

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