would you like to play a baby Game?

you have triplets right away! there all boys! there names are when you were born the Month

January~ Avan/ Alec/ Austin

February~ Cyrus/ Chace/ Cameron

March~ Donovan/ Devin/ Derick

April~ Ethan/ Evan/ Erik

May~ Greyson/ Garrett/ Gage

June~ Hayden/ Harley/ Harvey

July~ Isaak/ Ian/ Isiah

August~ Jeremy/ Joshua/ Jesse

September~ James/ Jedidiah/ Jeremiah

October~ Jackson/ Kainan/ Kavian

November~ Mitchell/ Marshall/ Michael

December~ Oliver/ Owen/ Preston

his middle name is based on the day u were born on

1-5~ Christopher/ Joseph/ Logan

6-10~ Fletcher/ Xavier/ Sterling

11-15~ Joshua/ Chase/ Tanner

16-20~ Mason/ Theodore/ Daniel

21-25~ Aaron/ David/ Robert

26-30~ Levi/ Nicholas/ Lloyd

31~ Andrew/ BBruce Brendan

you got triplets again but girls! wow 6 kids there name is how old you are

9-14~ Alannah/ Halana/ Alaina

15-20~ Annabelle/ Audrey/Aria

21-26~ Alex/ Ashlyn/ Brooke

27-32~ Beatrice/ Brynn/ Bay

older/ Younger~ Corrinne/ Camille/ Checole

there middle names are the letter of your first name

A-E~ Corinna/ Anneliese/ Jae

F-J~ Isobel/ Anne/ Lilac

K-M~ Tyler/ Ava/ Madeline

N-Q~ Olivia/ Kira/ Danielle

R-V~ Morgan/ Kylie/ Julie

W-Z~ Kyra/ Corinth/ Marie

you only want one or 2 more kids but again triplets wow again? ha ha i guess its (BGG) there names are what your middle name starts with

A-E~ Silas/ Destiny/ Desiree

F-J~ Samuel/ Emmalena/ Eden

K-M~ Sylar/ Felicity/ Faith

N-R~ Trey/ Grace/ Halen

S-W~ Tristin/ Janelle/ Jordyn

X-Z~ Xavier/ Johannah/ Jinger

i Don't have a middle name :(~ Zachary/ Jennilyn/ Jillian

there middle name will be based on your fave color

Blue~ Christopher/ Morgan/ Kylie

Green~ James/ Julie/ Kyra

Purple~ Witter/ Corinth/ Marie

Red~ Daryl/ Yana/ Rose

Yellow~ Cole/ Madison/ Ashley

Orange~ Ian/ Makiya/ Faith

Black~ Alan/ Nicole/ Marie

Other~ Joseph/ Michelle/ Jade

all done star if you liked it

mine would be Mitchell Mason/ Marshall Theodore, Michael Daniel

Alannah Tyler/ Halana Ava/ Alaina Madeline

Trey Joseph/ Grace Michelle/ Halen Jade

so i have Mitch, Marshall, Mike, Alannah, Halana, Alaina, Trey, Grace, and Halen

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Mitchell, Marshall, Michael Christopher, Joseph, Logan, Alannah, Halana, Alaina, Tyler, Ava, Madeline, Sylar, Felicity, Faith, Joseph, Michelle, Jade!

    That was cool :) Make some more :)

    Good Luck! and God Bless! -ღѕυgαяღ

  • Jeremy Levi, Josh Nicholas, Jesse Lloyd

    Alana Isobel, Halana Anne, Alaina Lilac

    Silas Christopher, Destiny Morgan, Desiree Kylie

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    James Fletcher/ Jedidiah Xavier/ Jeremiah Sterling

    Annabelle Isobel/ Audrey Anne/ Aria Lilac

    Tristin Christopher/ Janelle Morgan/ Jordyn Kylie

  • Catie
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Ethan Aaron/ Evan David/ Erik Robert

    Alannah Corinna/ Halana Annaleise/ Alaina Jae

    Tristin Joseph/ Janelle Michelle/ Jordyn Jade

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I would have

    Mitchell Joshua, Marshall Chase, Michael Tanner, Alannah Corinna, Halana Annelise, Alaina Jae, Sylar Christopher, Felicity Morgan and Faith Kylie. PHEW that tired me out lol

    Source(s): Me lol
  • 9 years ago

    Jeremy Aaron, Joshua David & Jesse Robert

    Annabelle Morgan, Audrey Kylie & Aria Julie

    Silas Witter, Destiny Corinth & Desiree Marie

  • 9 years ago

    Jeremy Joseph- Joshua Logan- Jesse Christopher , Audrey Anneliese- Annabelle Corinna- Aria Jae , Samuel James- Emmalena Julie- Eden Kyra (:

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Isaak Mason

    Ian Theodore

    Isaiah Daniel

    Alannah Corinna

    Halana Anneliese

    Alaina Jae

    Sylar Witter

    Felicity Corinth

    Faith Marie

  • E L
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Cyrus Christopher

    Chace Joseph

    Cameron Logan-

    Alannah Corrina

    Halana Annaliese

    Alaina Jae

    Skylar Witter

    Felicity Corinth

    Faith Marie

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    boys - Jesse Joshua, Jeremy Tanner, Joshua Chase girl - Halana Corinna, Alannah Anneliese, Alaina Jae bgg - Samuel Joseph, Emmalena Jade, Eden Michelle

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