How come gays don't like Schwarzenegger,Stallone, Van Damme movies?

Is it because they're moderate republicans? Also quality wise, all three have made some entertaining movies and gays and lesbians like some pretty terrible things too. Also why is it guys are into it. Gay guys aren't really into it. Women not so much, and lesbians not at all. What gives? Unless Bears are into this...


Rick- Violent movies are so entertaining though. I mean horror movies, bodycount shootemups and kung fu epics. I guess tastes differ but still....

Update 2:

NYC-Guy-The point is, people love crap regardless. And I don't argue that's it crap but rather why such crap isn't liked by a certain community. As for acting Van Damme is no worse than many in Hollywood, and Van Damme cuts a better action hero than Matt Damon. But that's opinion and irrelevent, these guys make entertaining movies. And that's more than alot of today's stars do.

Update 3:

Senarcher-I'd hang out with more gay dudes if more were like you. All my wife's gay friends are into Sex In The City and the Kardashians.

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    I am Gay and watch them all the time especially Stallone's " Rocky series " and "Rambo " movies but I was also a combat veteran in Vietnam I guess I'm just Butch but definitely not a Bear

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    10 years ago

    Because the Schwarzenegger can't act. Stallone has been riding on the coattails of Rocky since forever, and Van Damme... well... I can't really figure out why he's a star. He never really made any good movies. All he has going for him is that he is/was highly attractive, but has no real talent. Even Scharzenegger gave us Conan the Barbarian.

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    Well I like Schwarzenegger and Stallone movies. I've never heard of Van Damme.

    I am not a republican/conservative, but I respect people's political opinions even if they contrast with mine. Anyway, I watch movies for movies, not for some political reasons.

  • 10 years ago

    They're fake. The macho front, straight guys put up is the same acting feminine gays put up.

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  • Rick
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    10 years ago

    They're way too violent. It's not something that's cherished.

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