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If Mexico legalizes drugs will that slow the drug wars going on there?

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox believes legalizing marijuana would help end drug violence in Mexico.


Or would it take the U.S. also legalizing drugs for it to make much difference?

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    Drugs being illegal equal extreme violence just like what happened in America during prohibition.

    Legalize all drugs, and the drug cartels will disappear almost overnight.

    All countries and especially the USA should decriminalize drugs and regulate it just like tobacco and alcohol.

    And once more may I remind anyone reading this that the worst drug of all is alcohol and causes more deaths per year than all other drugs combined. Yet it is legal. If we can put up with alcohol then the other drugs should be a cake walk.

    I apologize to the CIA which gets most of it's black ops funding from the sale of illegal drugs.

    Perhaps they can sell popcorn or soda pop to make up the lost revenue.


    If we were really serious about the so called war on drugs, then Afghanistan would not still be the leading producer of heroin and opium in the world. But seriously, you cannot be serious about this war on drugs . Are a bunch of Afghan Farmers too much for the US to handle? I think that this fact alone proves that the governments of the world are skimming off the top of these immense illegal drug profits.


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    Yes, but it will never happen because of the Elite wealthy people (Hint,They look like wall streeters) in both countries that are secretly getting rich form the drug war and selling drugs at inflated prices because they are illegal.

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    Supply and demand! As long as there is a high demand for illegal drugs in the USA, the cartels will continue to supply the drugs.

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    It wouldn't matter unless the US did it too, we're the #1 importer of Mexican weed.

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  • 8 years ago

    If we legalized marijuana, AND f******g yuppies stopped buying weekend cocaine, the drug wars would be over...

    Source(s): ...and billions of tax dollars would be generated.
  • 8 years ago

    No, and legalizing drugs will make matters worse.

    "Just say NO"

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    no drug addicts will start selling drugs to everyone -> less drug related crime -> more drug related deaths

    my opinion is that drug related crime usually involves drug dealers, hence I don't care if they kill themselves...

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