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Compare and contrast the various forms of economic imperialism, political influence, and/or colonialism in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Indonesia, India, China, and Japan. It is for my World Civilization class since 1600 if that helps :) I do not really understand what all of that means. I am not good at history :b

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    Brazil - was a colony of Portugal (object of colonialism) and after it got its independence it became an object of economic imperialism of the USA and European powers.

    Argentina - is very similar to Brazil (object of Spanish colonialism) later object of American and European economic imperialism.

    Venezuela - exactly the same as Argentina

    Indonesia - was a colony of Netherlands (object of colonialism). After the independence it became a regional power itself trying to extend its control beyond its borders (East Timor)

    India - was a British colony (object of colonialism). After the independence initiated its own political block (Non-aligned Movement) together with Indonesia and other countries to oppose western political and economical influence.

    China - was a target of colonization attempts by European powers and Japan which finally failed. After 1949 a world power. Spread its political influence to other countries such as North Korea, Albania. Lately shifted to economic imperialism instead of political one - similar to Japan.

    Japan - was a colonial power (subject of colonialism). After being defeated in the World War II Japan lost its colonial empire and shifted to economic expansion. It was quite successful in it until lately when its economy became stagnant.

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