siberian husky likes to play chase?

Is it a common thing for siberian huskies to want to play tag or chase me?

Before I go on, here's a few things. Zyphr is a siberian husky, and 7 months old, female.

Also, I'll add she is not being aggressive or bad in any way when she does this.

Sometimes, she walk up to me and nips me(very lightly) or licks me on the hand. If I stand up she jumps back quickly, and sometimes runs out of my reach. If I ignore her, she might repeat it, but also bark loud to get my attention.

I'm not asking if she is playing a game with me but if this is a regular sort of husky thing. Her sire(father) was the same way, but he was a lot more timid about it.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well Huskies are extremely active dogs so I think it is perfectly normal! They need so much mental and physical stimulation which is one of the reasons why they aren't the breed for everybody. Just chase her, she clearly loves it and it's giving her the stimulation she needs. My dog (wasn't a Husky btw) would take things and then run to get you to chase him. Dogs are funny animals but in a good way.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, huskies are very high energy dogs and as already mentioned they can be very mouthy, rowdy, and vocal. Many huskies are a little more mellow than this when it comes to play and prefer a good long jog, but many of them do indeed love to roughhouse and wrestle.

  • Yes, it is common for huskies to do this. They are very mouthy too, verbal and physical. I currently have a husky that is off the wall with playing tag, he tackles though.

    Source(s): Husky owner for many years.
  • 8 years ago

    Haha ohh yeah. My year and eight month old husky does that all the time. Roxy won't nip but she does the howl/bark thing as well as rushes away when you stand up. I find my dog does it as a way to say "Hey it's seven why haven't you taken for my evening walk!?"

    My eight month old doesn't do it, but she's more passive and isn't as needy for walks as my older one.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Oh i think it's just the dog. My chi/terrier mix will play tag with me to. He'll come up to me and get my attention run away then i'll tag him and he'll run away from me. It's pretty interning.

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