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Americans evicted from their homes on mortgages.?

These U.S. citizens now live in tents in the street boxes and trailers

They are patriotic U.S.? They love freedom and the flag of the country?


For whom and vote?

They support the troops in Iraq - which destroyed houses millions of Iraqis?

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    Did you ever think they put themselves in the position to be evicted or foreclosed on? They purchased a home they couldn't pay for with the Democrats subprime mortgage loans! You need to do some research on what caused the housing debacle before thinking they are just being put out on the street!

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    Lets face it--it is a sad situation, but when BARNEY FRANK and CHRIS DODD urges Fannie and Freddie to give SUB-PRIME LOANS--you see the result. ----I will say this until I die---------LIBERALS do not think about the consequence of their actions------the housing is EXAMPLE ONE

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