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喬心 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 10 years ago

動詞用法~It’s necessary....



It’s necessary that Jerry ( ) in the report tomorrow.1. must have 2. hand 3. hands 4. could hand


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    It’s necessary that Jerry ( ) in the report tomorrow. 1. must have 2. hand 3. hands 4. could hand

    正解: 2. hand

    (前面省略了should, 所以一律用原形, 沒有人稱的差別)

    在形如“It is (was)+形容詞(或過去分詞)+that……”結構中,使用某些表示願望、建議、請求、命令、可能、適當、較好、迫切、緊近、重要等形容詞後的主詞子句的謂語也用假設語氣。其表達形式為should +動詞原形 或省略should直接用動詞原形(美語中省去should)


    * natural (自然的), appropriate (適當的),advisable (合適的), preferable (更可取的), better (更好的)* necessary (必須的), important (重要的), imperative (急需的), urgent (急迫的), essential (本質的), vital (必不可少的)* probable (很可能的), possible (可能的)* desirable (極好的)advisable(合理的),compulsory(必須的),crucial(緊急的),desirable(理想的),essential(必要的),imperative(迫切的),incredible(驚人的),necessary(必要的),possible(可能的),strange(奇怪的),urgent(緊迫的)。


    * required (需要的), demanded (要求), requested (被請求的), desired (要求)* suggested (建議), recommended (推薦)* orderd (命令)


    1. It is necessary that we (should 可省略,下同)have a walk now.(necessary, should + have) (表示有需要去散步)

    2.It was necessary that we (should) make everything ready ahead of time.(necessary, should + make) (表示有必要事先做好準備)

    3. It is required that nobody (should) smoke here.(required, should + smoke) (表示要求不要在此抽煙)

    4. It is important that every pupil (should) be able to understand therule of school.(important, should + be) (表示重要的是學生都能了解校規)

    5. It's important that we (should) take good care of the patient.(important, should + take) (表示重要的是照顧好病人)

    6. It is natural that she should do so. (形容詞natural, should+動詞原形do)

    7.It is essential that these application forms be sent back as early as possible.這些申請表應盡早地寄回,這是很重要的。

    8.It is vital that enough money be collected to fund the project.重要的是募集足夠的錢,為這個項目提供資金。

    9.It is desired that we(should)get everything ready this evening.希望我們今晚一切都準備就緒。


    10.I don't think it advisable that Tom be assigned to the job since he has no experience.湯姆缺乏經驗,指派他做這項工作我認為是不恰當的。

    Source(s): Cavalier + 百度知道
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    括弧內省略了一個助動詞 就是should

    所以後面接原型 (2)

    (1) 的話,must算是綴字


    類似的狀況還有advisable. important等等

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