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How do I get thicker body?

Well I'm skinny. People make fun of me cause of that.

I want too no hoe do I get bigger boobs, bigger butt, &' curvy thick body.

Please dont tell me that I'm too young for this & the genetics dah dah .


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    9 years ago
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    To become thick...and HEALTHY.. you need to add both muscle and fat to your body.

    You can do both mainly by just learning how to build muscle mass.. in the right areas of your body.

    before i continue... these links will clear up all those stupid...and ignorant thoughts in your head.. about strength training, weight lifting.. about bulking.

    you wont get a thick body like these

    if you dont build any muscle mass

    by eating just fatty foods alone to get thicker... you may get thick.. but you wont be healthy or as curvy and in shape as you should be.

    if you want to get a thicker, curvier body... you need to build up the muscles in your butt,hips, thighs, legs, and in the back of your arms... your triceps

    you also need to... strengthen and develop your core/abs, and lowerback to keep your waist/stomach smaller and Flat while you gain weight.

    To do all this you should eat more, strength train, and rest

    Diet: you need to more frequently..every 2/2:30... and you need to slowly increase the amount of food your eating overall at each meal..aka your portion size.

    The foods you eat should be calorie dense.... high in protein, and healthy fats

    You should also be eating a lot of carbohydrates

    protein builds muscle and carbs will give you the energy to workout.

    Regardless whether your trying add fat, muscle or both to your frame... you need consume more calories than you burn off to get thicker.

    what youll be doing is called a weight gain or bulking diet.... theres a clean way to eat to gain weight...and there's a dirty way to eat to gain weight(clean bulking diet... and dirty bulking diet)

    (look it up)

    Clean, is wholesome foods..

    and Dirty is Fast/junk food/cheat meals..... you need to find a balance between the two... eat clean but cheat often.

    You also neeed to learn how to cut weight.... you bulk to gain weight and build muscle in the areas you cut weight to loose specifically fat in unwanted areas(stomach)... while keeping the muscle you have got from bulking

    The next thing you should do is workout.. you need to get a routine down... and workout diff parts of the body on diff days of the week.

    For example:

    Mon- Lower body

    Tuesday- your core:abs obliques,and lower back... and the back the of your arms, triceps

    Wednesday- Break

    Thursday- Break

    Friday- Lower body

    Saturday- Core, and triceps

    Sunday Break-


    if you gain weight in the stomach area.... you may want to workout your core every other day instead of every 2 days.

    the reason you take days off is to avoid over training...if you overtrain you wont grow.. body needs at least 24 hours to recover from workouts esp if your training for size...

    Depending on how strong you are....if you not that strong and are weak.... start off with body weight exercises or moderate weights for the areas that you want to improve, by starting off this way with the exercises you can focus on lifting with proper form....and really learn how to lift..... as you get stronger...

    by the way if your younger like in still in middle school.... the information above is something you can use in the future.... as of now.. you dont need to do all that.... all you haft to do and should do as of now.... is eat more(every 2/2:30) hours do work your core every other day and play sports

    a great sport for your needs....would be Track and Field.... sprinting.. the short events only... dont do anything longer than the 400 meter dash... if you want to get thick.. stick with the sprints... 55, 60, 100, and 200 but thats about it... other than field events.

    another good sport that will help you is volleyball.

    If you start playing now by the time you get to high school or by your junior or senior year.... you will have the body you want...and will be decent/dope at both sports.

    join a track club...and run track for your school...and you could be in the junior olympics.... middle school is a great time to start playing sports... shucks i have ran out of space to finish my awnser..there is still a lot more you need to know

    Source(s): if you have any questions leave a comment... under the comment box... which shows up after you pick Best awnser.
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      is it a sure thing that i have to eat dirty bulking diet mixed with clean bulking diet in order to not make my butt look strong and lean but to help it gain muscle and fat at the same time? im aiming for a natural look


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  • 4 years ago

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  • 4 years ago

    If you ever attempt to maintain a diet regime you often find that a lot of diet programs suggest that you fully avoid specified food groups such as carbohydrates and at end all the lbs that you lost (if you get to lose them) are coming back.

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    3 years ago


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  • 5 years ago

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    How do I get thicker body?

    Well I'm skinny. People make fun of me cause of that.

    I want too no hoe do I get bigger boobs, bigger butt, &' curvy thick body.

    Please dont tell me that I'm too young for this & the genetics dah dah .


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  • 4 years ago

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  • 6 years ago

    hi. how do i keep my lap and my bum thick and toned but but get my upper body to be slim. and what kind of food should i eat and how do i get my legs toned.

  • 5 years ago

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