How much money do Police Departments set aside in the Budget for Police Misconduct Lawsuits Every Year?


City Council wants hearing on lawsuits against police

An overlooked item from earlier this week: The Baltimore City Council wants to quiz Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III about police misconduct lawsuits, the Baltimore Brew reported.

... The Baltimore City Council is calling for an informational hearing on the rising rate of police-involved lawsuits.

Council members say they discovered the trend during deliberations earlier this year on the already-approved 2012 budget, which includes an additional $1.9 million to settle police lawsuits.

“We want to ask the Commisioner to come over here to talk to us about it, to look and see if there is something that could be done, some training we could initiate, that could reduce these claims,” Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke said, at the Council’s regular Monday meeting.

The Daily Record has been reporting on the apparent rising cost of police lawsuit settlements for some time, including a secretly-approved $200,000 settlement pai

Update 2:

paid out to a violinist wrongly jailed on child sex abuse charges. Clarke co-sponsored this week's resolution, but Councilwoman Belinda Conaway had first spoken out in March. "It's got to stop," Conaway said. Settlements of such cases totaled more than $7.25 million from mid-2007 to mid-2010, the Daily Record reported at the time, and the city had already paid out $800,000 in the first two months of 2011.

Add at least another $100,000 to that total, with the city approving that amount to a 65-year-old man who said he was arrested, beaten and detained by officers who mistook his cigarette for drugs.

Update 3:

Thanks for your answer, i re-posted the question just a second before you answered it.

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    I can appreciate your obsession with the Police and misconduct but police departments do not set aside any money for anything. Police departments fall under the budget of the city in which they work. The city council decides the budget and who gets what, police, fire, sanitation etc etc. If a department is sued, the city, any city, normally carries insurance for those types of lawsuits in which if they lose, either the city will pay outright from existing budget excess funds or the insurance will pay the liability. Either way it is in a cities best interest to hire the most qualified and reliable people as a measure to deter the types of incidents where a municipality may be sued civilly. But, in answer you your question, the police department does not carry a budget but must operate within the budget allotted them from the city itself, not the other way around. Imagine the constitutional lawsuits where a police department collects taxes... doesn't happen that way.

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