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What volleyball rotations do most middle schools use?

I am going into 8th grade and I want to know what rotation my volleyball team would most likely use

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    I'm the same age as you and my team uses 6-1 and 5-2 rotations.

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    Volleyball Rotations

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    Most middle schools use a 4-2.

    A 4-2 consists of two setters who only set in the front row, so you always have two hitters and a setter in the front row. Rotation 1 would have a setter in 1, an OH in 2, a middle in 3, a setter in 4 (she is setting right now), an OH in 5 and a middle in 6.

    It's really simple because you don't have to shift anyone around on serve receive. Most teams use it because players can learn it easily and quickly.

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    I'm going into 8h grade also lol but im kinda like the assistant coach because I play club volleyball and for club we play 6:1 with me being the setter...and for school we just rotate around so everyone plays every position its kinda dumb

    *EXTRA* ....Kristen there is no such thing as a 4:2 it is called a 5:2......

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  • they usually use what their high school teams use. mostly only some people play all around and others just play front or back. well you move in the rotation just going clockwise but when you send the ball back to the opponent you go to your home position. for example if a middle is on the right then she would go to the middle for defense. its basically a simple rotation but after serving or serve recieve you go to your strong position. hope i helped

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    6:1 mostly where there is one setter and everyone just rotates and plays each position. its easy and good for when first learning the sport.

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    Depends on how many setters you have... It'll most likly either be a 4-2 (two setters) or a 5-1 (one setter)... we did a 4-2 om 8th grade

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    in 8th grade we used a 4-2 but in 7th we used 6-2 and in club i've used 5-1.. so it really hard to tell what it could be..(:

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    they usually use something really simple for begginers. your coach will definatly explain it to you and go over it im sure. what i used in middle school was when we would all just rotate to each position, then eventually we added switching positions. it was really easy

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