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who would win these matches? (full and creative finish gets 10 points)?

stone cold vs the undertaker

(TLC) mr. perfect & ric gflair vs n8 mattson & zach gowen vs. E&C (edge & christian)

gorge the animal steel, big john studd & andre the giant vs undertaker, big boss man & viscera

mill mascaraas, haystacks calhoun & mill mascaras vs. mankind, triple h & matt hardy

jeff jarrett & owen hart vs. kane & x-pac

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    Stone Cold(He's faced Taker in the past. He even won some. I just think SCSA would put on a great match with the phenom and in addition, win.

    E&C(Zach Gowen is 1 legged so that's already a sore spot on that team. Perfect and Flair are way past their prime as well, so that wouldn't be too good for them)

    Taker, Bossman and V(Andre is a bit clumsy in the ring, along with Studd so they wouldn't really cause a big impact, unless they have the time to lift people up and slam, and George is very clumsy. Taker is a beast, Bossman is a great brawler as well, and V is V. Big Daddy V.

    Mankind, HHH and Matt(2 Mill Mascaras? N Haystacks is World's fattest man! Clumsy too. Easy win by other team.

    Kane N X Pac(With Kane's Powerhouse-ness and X Pac's Charismatic in ring style, they combine a fair win over Jarrett and Hart)

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  • Stone Cold - Stone Cold is Epic.

    E&C- is the best Tag-Team ever.

    Steel, Studd and Andre

    Mankind, Triple H, Matt Hardy

    Kane and X-Pac

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    gorge the animal steel, big john studd & andre the giant

    mankind, triple h & matt hardy

    kane & x-pac

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    1)no contest since both me are in no shape to compete

    2) E & C since Perfect is long dead,Flair is old,Gowen is one legged

    3)Undertaker and George are in no shape to compete,boss man,john studd,and andre are dead so viscera's team wins by default

    4) Mankind,HHH,and Matt Hardy since Haystacks is dead and it would be a handicap match

    5) Kane and X-Pac since Owen Hart is dead

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