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Does a law suit exist in Canada re Zocor ?

I know there are a few law suits in USA. My kidneys completely failed 0ne week after taking Zocor

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    There are quite a few websites that refer to lawsuits about Zocor, but only a few that mention Canada. I found many listed in a web search at but it's hard to say how many are legit websites and how many after fake or fraudulent. I would recommend contacting Zocor's manufacturer directly or a lawyer in your area to get the most accurate information (and avoid being scammed)... if Zocor's manufacturer won't give you the information you need, the FDA will have all AERs and can direct you to the appropriate channels if you are having any problems with any drugs. Good luck and I hope I helped!

    Source(s): A quick search on Yahoo and personal research into drug lawsuits (especially with the suspicious ads I've seen online)
  • 9 years ago

    Class action lawsuits in Canada are generally prohibited. Contact your provinicial Law Society for a list of lawyers who specialize in medical malpractise.

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