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Abec 9 bearings/cleaning?

I have Abec 9 bearings and i was wondering how often i should clean them and if the those bearings are permanently sealed? And how would i take the shield off since there different than other ones?

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    clean them just like any other bearing. remove them from the wheel, take the side shield off, clean them, lube them and put them back together. Isopropyl alcohol or lamp oil (decented kerosene) works great to clean them. As for how often to clean them...once a year at the least, if you ride in a lot of water and such maybe twice a year. Haveing a good lube on them will keep out water so really not needed to do it so often. Use a good bearing lube, bones speed cream is one of my favs.

    Source(s): 19 years skateboarding
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