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How Much Do Canada Goose jackets Cost ?

I would like to know how much would a canada goose jacket cost , im planning on buying one this winter

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  • 10 years ago
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    They make a huge variety of coats -

    Which makes it a difficult question to answer.

    According to a recent newspaper article, prices range from "$350 to $885 or more for special editions" -

    But speaking from experience, they're absolutely worth every penny.

    If you do decide to buy one, be sure to ONLY buy from one of the authorized retailers listed on their website so you know it's genuine.

    Counterfeit Canada Goose Coats can be dangerous to your health:

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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    How Much Do Canada Goose jackets Cost ?

    I would like to know how much would a canada goose jacket cost , im planning on buying one this winter

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  • mms's
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    they are expensive, and like the other answer said be careful of counterfeits. Even when you google Canada goose the fake jackets often come up first in the search results. Real outdoors stores and high end department stores have them ie. no mall shops. They are seriously warm coats and if you have to walk a lot in the winter time. I would consider it.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    As we know,the canada goose jacket in physical store is so expensive that we can’t afford it.But i know a website that have many kinds of canada goose jacket with good quality.In winter,if you have such a goose jacket,you won’t be afraid of the cold.

    Have a look,you wouldn’t regret.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No. Don't buy it THIS WINTER. it'll be sold out! These jackets are in demand. Expensive but in demand and if you wait too long you will not get the one you want.

    I'm buying mine late September (I ordered it and that's when itll arrive) seriously. The workers there told me to to buy it before early November because it sells out quickly and takes a long time to ship back in.

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  • Jim B
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    They are grossly over priced.

    Any department store in Canada can sell you a good winter parks for HALF of the price of a fancy dancy designer show off goose coat. When I see Immigrants wearing them I think " another gullible sucker parted from their money by fashion trends ".

    Its up to you, buy one and be laughed at by the people who were born here.

    Jim B.


  • 5 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Mountain Equipment Co-op, Sport Check or Sprung (if they are still around). If you are looking for the lowest cost, you will get what you pay for - feathers leaking out of seams, non-windproof lining and zippers that break.

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