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Traveling to Croatia?

Going to Croatia in September and haven't arranged transport yet. I was just wondering what the cheapest way to get there would be

Considered inter-railing, flying, coach etc

How much would last minute flights cost and would that be too risky an idea?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I don't know were you are but when going to Croatia most people goes to Dubrovnik, Splits or the capital Zagreb.

    I was in Croatia 3 times. Twice to Dubrovnik and once to Zagreb. Splits I did by coach.

    The first time was to Dubrovnik still Yugoslavia. The second time it was after the war with Serbia and I did Splits.

    Third time I went from Portugal and the ticket was cheap. The other choices were very interesting but more expensive. Like flying from Italy or coach across the border to Zagreb. Much more expensive.

    From Rome to Zagreb is fast and cheap. Most planes living from Rome stop in Splits. There you can take a coach to Zagreb or Dubrovnik. From Bari in Italy crossing the Adriatic sea by ferryboat is also a good option.

    Croatia is a safe country. I can say very safe.

    When there you might find people strange because they are not great talkers. The older generation is still with there head in the older times of the communism. They seam afraid to talk. Any information you ask in the street they send you to the tourism office even if the street you are looking for is just behind them. Than you better try to understand their alphabet and have a bilingual map .

    Younger people speaks English and is more alive.

    I had some unpleasant situations but just because as I said there head is still in the communism. Solved always by someone because someone is always watching someone. You don't have to remember this because they treat tourists very well.

    Go to Zagreb and take a coach along Croatia and always along the sea to Dubrovnik. One stop in Splits.

    So...Croatia is a wonderful country.

    Travel to Croatia is reasonable.

    Croatia is not cheap at all for tourists.

    The food is good.

    Young people is nice and friendly but older people have closed faces. Look at their history and you find the answer.

    A good experience.

    As I told you is not a cheap country for tourists at all.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I would recommend Croatia with its hot summers and cheap prices. Top places to visit are

    <a href=" Dubrovnik and Hvar.

  • 10 years ago

    There is no rail or very limited rail up and down the coastline and buses are the main way of transport but they go reasonably regularly from memory. It was reasonably priced compared to other places as well and I slept on the bus one night going from Zagreb to Dubrovnik which is a 12 hr bus ride so that saved on accommodation.

    Apart from getting to Zagreb from Ljubljana by train I used the buses. I went at the end of April and did not book any buses, I just rolled up to the station and got on.

    I am not sure how many airports there are either.

    Ferries are an option, but do not travel as regularly off the peak season, I seemed to miss it wherever I went along the coast.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Rails are cheapest but not much cheaper if you can get cheap flights to pula with a low cost airlines. it should not be a problem if you're traveling in september - everything is cheaper then. if you want to, check here

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