what is pf usage in task manager?

ok my pc is 250gb hard disk with 2gb ram.

when i launch task manager to see my pf usage, it is around 380-420mb. i just want to know if it is normal. thks in advance and have a good day>>>>>

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  • Din
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    9 years ago
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    PF stands for page file. Whether or not peaking at 420MB page file usage is strictly normal depends on the version of Windows you're using. XP normally peaks around 450MB page file usage just booting up, but it can climb higher than that if you do an excessive amount of multitasking with lots of programs that use lots of RAM when your system doesn't have a lot installed.

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  • 9 years ago

    pf is short for pagefile

    the pagefile is a file on your computer that acts like RAM, when your ram is full, it will swap the data from ram onto your hard drive. If this doesn't occur, then your computer would probably crash when it ran out of memory.

    Page file use is not desirable at all, since the hard drive is MUCH slower than your RAM. So reducing the page file usage is best. Since you have 2gb of ram 420mb is almost 1/4th of your ram. That's quite a bit and you might notice some slowdowns in your computer. A good idea is to purchase more ram so that your computer doesn't page as often.

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