Symptoms of MALT lymphoma?

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    MALT lymphoma is a cancer of the B-cell lymphocytes. It usually affects older people who are in their 60s.

    Most NHLs start in the lymph nodes, but MALT lymphoma starts in a type of lymphatic tissue called mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT). Mucosa is the name for the tissue that lines some of the organs in the body.

    The stomach is the most common area for MALT lymphoma to develop in, but it may also start in other organs such as the lung, thyroid, salivary gland or bowel.

    Because MALT lymphoma develops outside the lymph nodes, it's also known as extranodal lymphoma.

    The symptoms depend on where in the body the lymphoma started.

    MALT lymphoma in the stomach may cause symptoms such as indigestion, loss of appetite, tiredness and weight loss.

    you have digestive symptoms such as feeling sick or pain in the area of your stomach, the doctor will arrange for you to have a flexible tube passed down your gullet and into the stomach (endoscopy). Photographs can then be taken of the stomach, and a small sample of cells is taken (biopsy) to be examined under a microscope.

    Additional tests – including blood tests, x‑rays, scans and bone marrow samples – are then used to find out more about the lymphoma and how far it has spread in the body.

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