Does anyone know Liya Kebede's Arab Semitic White father's name?

Lya Kebede's White heritage on her father's side?


She is half Black/ half White(Arab Semitic), but hides her Arab(father) heritage - WHY???

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    isnt she full Ethiopian?...well if she isnt her father wud prolly be Yemeni nd it says online that her father worked in the Ethiopian airlines.

    btw im Yemeni Arab and DO NOT consider myself white....white is such a broad term nd i can see that ur using it in the context of Arab white....but im more of what they call "off white" looking and look more like a quadroon(75 % white,25 % black)...some Yemenis can pass as White Americans...but ALOT and most cant.

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