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How do you activate your baby medicaid card on my access Florida?

I have been calling all day. There hours are from 8-5 and i have been constant, all they say is "there are no representatives available please try your call again later, or you can access on" i call back to back. I try to activate it online but i can't figure out. If anyone knows that can help me i would REALLY APPRETIATE IT, my daughter really needs to be seen by the doctor, she is constipated and only one month old. it's been a week and i don't know what else to do. Please Help.


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    If your baby has not pooped in a week, I would take her to the ER. After that you can worry about your card, if you can access the online try reading the instructions step by step. I understand that you are stressed right now, and sometimes we skim over information when that happens. The best time to call those sort of places is early in the AM. I am not a Florida resident, so I could not walk you through the process.

    You should either take your baby to the ER, or call your on-call doctor. If you do not have one, call 1-800-ask a nurse if it is available there. If you do go to the ER, you will not be charged, even if your card has not been activated yet, as the case was obviously already approved.

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    If you're SURE your baby is constipated, and needs to see a doctor, you bring her to the ER. Constipation in a newborn can be a critical, life threatening situation.

    If you only want medical care for your daughter, in a critical situation, if someone ELSE pays for it . . that says something.

    Having said that, breastfed babies RARELY get constipated. What, exactly, makes you think that she's constipated?

    Most Medicaid babies, are formula fed (ironic - the second best food, for the babies who need the breastmilk most of all), and formula CAN lead to constipation, especially if you use iron fortified formulas.

    I think you need to call your local ER, or a local baby care hotline, or your local pediatrician's office, or even the hospital pediatric unit where she was born, to talk to a real live nurse for free. NOW. And if she's REALLY constipated, she needs to be at the ER. And if it's been going on for a week. . . seriously??

    It's possible that she's not really constipated, though.

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    please activate my baby Medicaid card on my access florida. 32419321

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