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Bedroom design opinions please?

I'm re-doing my bedroom and I'm having MAJOR trouble deciding on some things.

For instance, at first I wanted my room to look like this:

I refer to it as lace and pearls vintage bedroom. I'm not OVERLY girly so I started too have second thoughts.

I'm now leaning towards a more boho-indie room like this:

However, I still want to have some aspects of the pearls and lace room.

SO. First, I'm stuck on the color. I wanted a peach but I'm afraid it'll be too pink. I'm open to gold as well. I was dwindling in blue but I'm still hesitant. I want it to be a light color because I have a very small room. Also, as much as I'd LOVE to use wallpaper, it is not an option.

Next, I got rid of my old clunky bed frame and now just have a box spring and a mattress on the floor. I want a bed frame low to the ground and simple but ugh its hard to find one.

And then there's the whole how to decorate it while trying to keep it boho AND lace and pearls.

If you have any suggestions at all PLEASE answer. I really appreciate it and will be sure to pick a best answer and love everyone forever. Thank you thank you thank you. x

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  • 9 years ago
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    wow thats super hard! i think peach is lovely. I also think a purple would be nice, or a blue (all of which i think hsould be saturated, not pastel). I think if you keep the ceiling white or an off white, even in a small room a dark color wont make it too small=esp if you stick with white furniture.

    heres my sugesstions for each theme:

    pearls and lace-white furniture like in the pic. a chandelier. accessories (nice fancy crystal or silver ones). I kinda like the idea of a metal bedframe thats a little ornate for this too-but i know thats not what you were looking for. I'd stick with white, or black/wroght iron.

    boho-throw pillows, rug, bedspread, curtains

    could do in either theme-wall art

    good luck! the pics were very helpful, thanks!

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