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Relocating to Luxembourg?


Recently I got a nice work offer in Luxembourg and was thinking to take this chance a relocate in Luxembourg. I was wondering what would be a good salary (before tax) to live normally with minor enjoyments for a young family with two kids of 1 and 1 years?

What are approximately monthly expenses amounting; like rent, electricity, gas, water, public transport etc?

Thanks in advance

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  • 10 years ago
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    Do it! Luxembourg is a fantastic place to live and work, with a high standard of living, and very safe. It's also very pretty, with great countryside, and some rather nice castles.

    Rent will depend on where you want to live, and whether you're looking for a detached house or a flat. A two-bedroom apartment near the centre of town could be around 1000 Euro a month or more; for similar rent, you may be able to find a three-bedroom house out of town. Check out to see some of what's on the market.

    Be aware that in all likelihood, you WILL have to provide your own white goods and, oddly enough, light fittings. Luxembourg's funny about light fittings.

    I'm afraid I don't recall what sort of costs electricity, gas, and water run to, but they are among the lowest in Europe. Ditto petrol and diesel. You'll be pleased to know that public transport is fantastic! Buses are regular, tend to be on time, and a ticket on most routes costs 1.50 Euro, and is valid for two hours from the time of purchase on most buses. This means it's possible to get the bus from an outlying village like Senningen to the main bus station in the city of Luxembourg, then hop on a bus to an office or school the other side of town, all on one ticket. Trains are inexpensive, but don't cover as much of the country as the buses, and a tram route is being built. For students and school children, there is the Jumbo Card. Pay 50 Euros for one of these, and that's free public transport for a year. Well worth it, particularly for older children!

    The last I heard, salaries start at a minimum of about 18,000 Euros for full-time work, but professionals tend to earn more, in the 25,000 - 35,000 Euro range. Be warned that the difference between what the average man and the average woman earn is larger than people from English-speaking countries are used to. Luxembourg is working on this, but it's taking them a while to catch up with parts of the world like Iceland. On the other hand, I've found that a a pretty blouse and a charming smile can make paperwork get completed slightly faster, so the somewhat old-fashioned attitudes in many government offices can be exploited!

    Good luck with the move, and I hope you enjoy Luxembourg!

    Source(s): I spent my teenage years in Luxembourg.
  • that sounds great especially knowing that the GDP in Luxembourg is one of the highest in the world! I think it ranked 2nd after Qatar? Anyways good for you!!!!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    What passport do you hold ?

    If it's from outside the EC I doubt you will be granted a work permit. If you have an EC passport you need a working knowledge of the local language to hold down any worthwhile job.

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