how much would it cost to live at sea in a personal house boat?

what supplies would i need to travel around the world in a boat?

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    9 years ago
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    You really don't know sh*t about boats, do you? You would NOT LIVE "AT SEA" in a HOUSEBOAT no could you travel around the world in a houseboat. To sail around the world you would need a BLUE WATER SAIL BOAT BOAT and a decent one would cost your at least $50,000 and then you would need another $25,000 or so PER YEAR for the 3 YEARS it would take to sail around the world.

    When someone says they are "GOINT TO TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD BY BOAT" anyone on here who knows even the LEAST AMOUNT will go "YAWN" because we have all heard this song before and we know the person saying it KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT BOATS AND BOATING.

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    house boat is no good at sea..

    boats that you can live on & travel would need to be at least 20ft long..

    solar panels for power.. plus back up generator..

    some food... unless your going to live off the fish you catch... & could go hungry if your in a storm & cant fish....

    then there's fuel. for the generator & boat motor.. even with sails you need a motor..

    the cost of the boat...

    radios.. GPS... auto pilot... visas.. passports.. inoculations... the list is long..

    GOOGLE around the world trips & supplies needed..

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    I have lived aboard my 30' motor vessel for about 3 years in a marina north of Seattle. I traveled all throughout the puget sound and San Juan Islands, but motoring is very expensive. It cost me over $500 to go 150 nautical miles one weekend. As far as just living aboard in the marina, my cost was about $300 per month including electric, water, garbage, showers, and laundry. My boat was paid for, but I did have to keep it insured to be moored at the marina and that cost me about $400 per year.

    You could have a houseboat in a setting like I was in, but you have to remember they are not as sea worthy by design. Yes, houseboats do have motors too. Some are inboard engines and some are outboards. I don't think I have ever seen one without a motor unless it was trashed or home-built.

    If you truly want to travel around the world, you will have to have a sailboat unless you are just crazy loaded with money for fuel. I would not want to take to open seas in anything smaller than a 35' boat. It should have a diesel inboard engine for motoring in harbors or when otherwise necessary. Solar panels are reasonable now and are a great idea to have on long voyages. Some boaters even use marine wind mills to generate electricity, but that is more expensive.

    You should have water purifier onboard that can make sea water drinkable, gps, compass, navigational charts, vhf radios, a satellite phone would be ideal, plenty of food that is non perishable and protected against water penetration. Always file a float plan and make sure that everyone knows when you are supposed to arrive at your next destination and what route you were taking to get there. Check in often. Remember to keep informed on weather conditions and avoid severe storms at sea at all costs as even the most seasoned of sailors have lost their lives in rough seas. You can stay relatively close to land on most of your voyages around the world, unless you decide to head out to Hawaii or other remote islands.

    I would keep serious weapons onboard for a world voyage as pirates are a very real thing and they don't just make you walk the plank. They cut your throats, rape your women and children, and take anything of value before sinking you and what is left of your boat. Do not let a boat approach you that is not a police or military boat and in some parts of the world they might even be worse. Warn the vessel on the vhf radio to stand clear, announce the same over the loud speaker, and even fire a warning shot over their bow if you feel they are a serious threat. Its best to steer clear of other boats that are suspiciously far out in desolate areas. I would keep some cash, travelers checks, and possible gold coins with you for supplies, etc., but I would keep most of my cash in a bank that has debit card access. This won't help on a remote island in the south pacific, but in most other countries, the debit machines will automatically convert your currency to their currency when used as debit or as visa logo'd card.

    Take lots of sun block!

    Source(s): Years of boating and thoughts of heading out around the world one day myself.
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    House boats do not go to sea!

    They are moored on rivers and do not have engines or sails!

    As for the rest there are too many possible factors to calculate what is really just your fantasy!

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  • 9 years ago

    If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

    Joining the Navy is a good affordable alternative.

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    250,000,000 francs

    One of everything should do.

    Source(s): Do some research.
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