Why did paypal withdraw from my account?

I sold a ps2 on ebay for $45. I paid for shipping on paypal which cost $16. I deposited the rest of it into my bank account. I went to check it today and it said this:

7/25/2011 Withdrawal ACH NSF FEE 27.99 PAYPAL PAYPALSI66 ($25.00) $17.93

What is going on?


I don't see anything about my question on moneyjobz.com

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  • 9 years ago
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    1) Never click a link on this site if you don't recognize it. Especially one like "moneyjobz", which is obviously SPAM.

    2) Paypal takes FEES for moving your money from someone else's account to your account, so you can't withdraw ALL the money.

    3) The only people that can explain to you what happened is paypal. Go to your account, sign in, click the HELP link (top center) and check there for phone numbers and/or live chat. There is also a good FORUM there where you can ask experts of paypal what happened and why.

    4) Not to scare you , but the one thing I recognize is the NSF reference, which means "Not Sufficient Funds". So whoever PAID you may have 'bounced' their Paypal payment, sorry.

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