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So I'm learning to skateboard, but I was wondering if any skateboard would work to do tricks on, I got one from Wal Mart, but I don't know if it's any good to get one from there. But I just wanted one so I bought one there, I don't know much about Skateboarding but would I be able to learn tricks with a really cheap one? Right now I wasn't looking to buy a 100$ board. But if I progress in the future, I might.

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    10 years ago
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    I would be wary of stores like walmart dodgy,dodgy boards my friend had one after about 5 ollies and a few kickflips the wheels broke. Yeah i guess it is ok to use for tricks if youre a beginner but my advice is if you buy any cheap boards and are using them for tricks only; make sure the grip is good but also that the abec is low( abec 7 is far to high for a beginner you'll slip and slide everywhere). IMO use the board just for practice but not anything too complicated and once you get better a better board.

  • tandie
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    5 years ago

    cross to west forty nine they're very well within the skateboarding division when you ask im certain you'll get a well board for starters and may be inexpensive. however when you desire a kind of three i might cross with the primary.

  • 10 years ago

    go to active or sun diego. they have completes for like 50 bucks

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