Why Will LiveStream Not Load?

For a few days now, LiveStream has been extremely difficult for me. The problem lies in it's inability to load; whenever I open up a channel to view something, it only shows a still-image of the stream and seems to perpetually have the loading symbol on it. Ocassionally, the image may update to a more recent still of the stream (after maybe 5 minutes). It worked before, but I can't understand why it isn't working these days.

From Google searches, I've heard that the problem lies in DNS servers, and that the problem is somewhat common among Fios customers (which I am one of them). I've already tried to use OpenDNS in an attempt to resolve the problem, but that didn't work either. If it will help, I also run Windows XP.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Do you have ABP enabled on livestream? i just figured it out like 20 seconds ago. I dissabled it and livestream is not working, seams like livestream figured out how to hinder ABP =P

    Source(s): personal experience
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