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POLL- Do you hate or dislike or like or love lady gaga?

1 reason if you hate her because shes weird- We are taught to accept anyone in elementary school, stop being a hypocrite and who cares thats who she is. Society is not gonna ruin that for her.

#2 reason shes ugly- Give me a break. People say they like Katy Perry because shes hot. Lady Gaga doesnt need that she revolves around her talent. Singing and dancing

#3 reason she copies madonna- She does not. Express yourself and Born This Way are like California Gurls to Tik Tok. No one compared that but everyone did to this because its Gaga. Sure there are some comparisons in them but there both very different. Madonna is madonna and Lady Gaga is lady gaga.

#4 reason is she cant sing and she sucks. Did you EVER honestly see her perform live on youtube. She can sing amazing and dance amazing. You can dislike her style but calling her untalented makes you sound like a fool. Stop stereotyping mainstream pop music. She has alot of talent. Honestly tell me you watched her sing on the piano and tell me that wasnt good.


#5 because she wants attention. Lady Gaga if you have seen her go to places out of the red carpet she dresses like she does. Shes Gaga everywhere. Im not lying. Plus your the one making her a attention seekers by looking at her stuff, articles, music, fashion.

Update 2:

I love how people who were gonna blandly bash her are not responding to this question.

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    She's my favorite artist and her music can always make me feel better:)

  • 8 years ago

    I like her but dont love her, half her music is good the rest of blah and she is always trying to get attention instead of being humble about her success i mean hello we know who you are no need to make sure we see you geez

  • Dislike strongly. I agree she seems like all she wants is attention. I've disliked her even more for wearing that near dress at the VMA's last year. Im sure an not the only one that thought "holly crap! Wtf was she f*cking thinking!" Idk if anyone else saw that & found it extreamly wrong. I say "i don't give a dam who the hell you are,how famous,great,incredible you think you are or people say you are how dare you show up with that "dress!" Idk about any of you but that digusted me.

    Source(s): This link shows that pics of her 'dress'
  • 8 years ago

    Love ! shes a box full of surprises and I love her songs

    Source(s): me
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  • 8 years ago

    I love her.

    And I totally agree about her singing live. She's great!

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  • Adri
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    8 years ago

    dislike because I feel like all she wants is attention

  • 8 years ago

    i don;t know yet but i know i don't love her

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