List EVERY song Lady Gaga has ever recorded?

I'm pretty sure I have all of them but I just want to make sure. I want to know the name of ALLLL the songs she's ever recorded INCLUDING singles, demos, etc. Also, don't give me song names that aren't even leaked yet and I can't download..

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    The Fame: (Includes Bonus Tracks Disco Heaven, Again Again, and Retro Dance Freak)

    1. Just Dance (feat. Colby O'Donis)

    2. LoveGame

    3. Paparazzi

    4. Poker Face

    5. I Like It Rough

    6. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

    7. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

    8. The Fame

    9. Money Honey

    10. Starkstruck (feat. Space Cowboy & Flo Rida)

    11. Boys, Boys, Boys

    12. Paper Gansta

    13. Brown Eyes

    14. Summer Boy

    15. Disco Heaven

    16. Again Again

    17. Retro Dance Freak

    The Fame Monster:

    1. Bad Romance

    2. Alejandro

    3. Monster

    4. Speechless

    5. Dance In The Dark

    6. Telephone (feat. Beyonce)

    7. So Happy I Could Die

    8. Teeth

    Born This Way: (Includes Bonus Tracks Black Jesus † Amen Fashion, Fashion of His Love, and The Queen)

    1. Marry The Night

    2. Born This Way

    3. Government Hooker

    4. Judas

    5. Americano

    6. Hair

    7. Scheiße

    8. Bloody Mary

    9. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion

    10. Bad Kids

    11. Fashion of His Love

    12. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)

    13. Heavy Metal Lover

    14. Electric Chapel

    15. The Queen

    16. Yoü and I

    17. The Edge of Glory

    Confessions of a Shopaholic Soundtrack:

    1. Fashion

    Gnomeo & Juliet Soundtrack:

    1. Hello Hello (duet with Elton John)

    Stefani Germanotta Band: Red and Blue - EP (Before she was Gaga she went by her

    name, Stefani Germanotta.)

    1. Something Crazy

    2. Wish You Were Here

    3. No Floods

    4. Words

    5. Red and Blue

    Stefani Germanotta Band: Leaked Songs

    1. Hollywood

    2. Dyer Maker (Cover)

    3. Captivated

    4. Electric Kiss

    5. Changing Skies

    Stefani Germanotta Band: Unleaked Songs

    1. John's Song

    2. Master Heartbreaker

    3. Walk the Road

    4. Kisses (for/or) Quarters

    5. If Only

    6. Selfish Girl

    7. In A Dream

    Unreleased Leaked Songs

    1. Shake Your Kitty

    2. Retro Physical

    3. Dirty Ice Cream

    4. Filthy Pop

    5. Filthy Pop (feat. Dashius Clay)

    6. Filthy Pop (feat. Christopher Weiss)

    7. Kandy Life

    8. Vanity (Preformed on the Monster Ball)

    9. Blueberry Kisses

    10. Fever

    11. Wonderful

    12. Let Love Down

    13. The Fountain of Truth (Song for the audiobook, "The Portal In The Park)

    14. Rock Show

    15. No Way

    16. Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes) INTRO

    17. Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)

    18. Second Time Around

    19. Sometimes

    20. Quicksand

    21. Future Love

    22. Text You Pictures

    23. Imagine (Live Cover)

    24. Viva la Vida ( Live Cover)

    25. Oh Well

    26. Glamour Zombie

    27. Ribbons

    28. Glitter & Grease

    29. Out of Control

    30. Sexy Ugly

    31. Reloaded (feat. Rodney Jerkins)

    32. Super Star

    33. Greatest

    34. Earthquake (Originally thought to be "Then You'd Love Me")

    35. Take You Out

    36. Fetish

    37. Heiress (Originally thought to be "Taped It In The Dark" or "Whore")

    38. Shut Up

    39. Somebody To Watch Over Me (Live Cover)

    40. Nothing On (But The Radio)

    41. Animal (Originally thought to be "Jungle Claws")

    42. Living on the Radio

    Unreleased Unleaked Songs

    1. Panty Party

    2. Royal Treatment

    3. Miss It Before You Kiss It

    4. Freakshow

    5. Funky Beat

    6. Musicland

    7. Love Sick Girl

    8. Real Cool

    9. Retrosexual

    10. Go, Go, Go

    11. Trigger

    12. We Are Plastic

    13. When She Go

    14. Yay Ha

    Featured with Other Artists (Released):

    1. Chillin' by Whale (feat. Lady Gaga)

    2. Big Girl Now by New Kids On The Block (feat. Lady Gaga)

    3. Christmas Tree by Lady GaGa and Space Cowboy

    4. Don't Give Up by The Midway State (feat. Lady Gaga)

    5. Video Phone (Extended Mix) by Beyonce (feat. Lady Gaga)

    6. Murder My Heart by Michael Bolton (feat. Lady Gaga)

    7. Quicksand by Britney Spears (Backup Vocals by Lady Gaga)

    Featured with Other Artists (Unreleased):

    1. Let Them Hoes Fight by Trina (feat. Lady Gaga) DEMO VERSION ONLY

    2. Wunderland by Lina Morgana (feat. Lady Gaga)

    3. Do Me Right by Valeria (feat. Lady Gaga)

    4. Hello Hello by Elton John (feat. Lady Gaga)

    Written for Other Artists:

    1. Spin U Around by Lina Morgana

    2. Reasons by Lelia Broussard

    3. World Family Tree for "The Portal In The Park" Audiobook

    4. Kaboom by Kalenna

    5. Freezer Burn by Kalenna

    6. Full Service by New Kids on the Block

    7. 007 On You by Esmee Denters

    8. Lola (California Weekend) by Valeria

    9. Eyes On Me by Tami Chynn

    10. Killa Love Song by Tami Chynn

    11. Hypnotico (Silly Heartbreakers) by Tami Chynn

    12. Fever by Adam Lambert

    13. Elevator by The Pussycat Dolls

    14. Full Service by New Kids On The Block

    15. Invading My Mind


    Just Dance (feat. Colby O'Donis)

    Beautiful, Dirty, Rich [Digital Promo in the UK only]

    Poker Face

    Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) [Only in select countries]



    Bad Romance

    Telephone (feat. Beyonce)


    Dance In The Dark [Digital single in Australia and New Zealand only]

    Born This Way


    The Edge of Glory

    Hair [iTunes promotional single]

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    Lady Gaga Song List

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    otal on this list: 101

    1-14) "Born This Way (Original Album)": Marry The Night/Born This Way/Government Hooker/Judas/Americano/Hair/Scheiße/Bloody Mary/Bad Kids/Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)/Heavy Metal Lover/Yoü and I/The Edge Of Glory. Nab this newest album from iTunes!

    15) Retro Dance Freak. Can be found on "The Fame." Asian country bonus songs.

    16-18) Poker Face/Just Dance/ Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) from "The Cherry Tree Sessions" from iTunes.

    19) Fashion. Can nab this baby from iTunes. It's from the film soundtrack called "Confessions of a Shopaholic."

    20-33) Just Dance/Lovegame/Paparazzi/Poker Face/ Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Day)/Beautiful, Dirty, Rich/The Fame/ Money Honey/Starstruck/Boys Boys Boys/Paper Gangsta/Brown Eyes/I Like It Rough/Summerboy. These songs are available on "The Fame," GaGa's first album. Here they are listed in order as they appear on the U.S. version. You can nab it/them from iTunes.

    34) Again, Again. Can be found on Youtube.

    35) Disco Heaven. Can be found on iTunes.

    36) Luv U Sum (by CJ Holland featuring Lady GaGa). Search Youtube for this song.

    37) No Way. Assumed outtake from "The Fame Mons†er." Can be found on Youtube.

    38-45) Bad Romance/Alejandro/Monster/Speechless/Dance In The Dark/Telephone (Feat. Beyoncé)/So Happy I Could Die/Teeth. This is the infamous "The Fame Mons†er" album, and can be found on iTunes.

    46-50) Poker Face -Acoustic /Just Dance/Lovegame/Beautiful, Dirty, Rich/Poker Face. These songs are on an album called "Walmart soundcheck." The latter four songs have "Original performance series" in their names.

    51) Vanity. You can nab this song from various outlets/Youtube.

    52) Poker Face/ Speechless/ Your Song w/ Elton John. Nab it on iTunes.

    53) Hello Hello by Elton John (feat. Lady GaGa). This song is available on the soundtrack called "Gnomeo and Juliet" and thus is on iTunes.

    54-92) All the songs listed here are "Unreleased." You can find them on Youtube:

    Animal, Kaboom (feat. Lady GaGa), Wunderland (feat. Lady GaGa), Let Love Down, Blueberry Kisses, Red And Blue, Retro Physical, Rock Show, Second Time Around, Sexy Ugly, Glitter And Grease (Around), No Floods, Ribbons, Oh Well, Future Love (Live), Out Of Control (short demo), Words, Wonderful, Wish You Were Here, Shake Your Kitty, Something Crazy, Filthy Pop, Fancy Pants, Fever, Dirty Ice Cream, Kandy Life, Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes), Reloaded, Captivated-Electric Kiss, Living On The Radio, Spin U Around (feat. Lady GaGa), Nothin' On (But The Radio), Then You'd Love Me [a.k.a Earthquake], Don't Give Up (by The Midway State, feat. Lady GaGa), Changing Skies, Do Me Right (feat. Lady GaGa), Greatest, Hollywood [Live At the Bitter End 1/20/06], Sometimes ...

    93) This song is on the "Born This Way" album, but the different versions that can be found on youtube are very unique in comparison. It is called: You and I.

    94-96) All of these songs can be found on iTunes: Murder My Heart (feat. Lady GaGa), Big Girl Now (feat. Lady GaGa), & Chillin (feat. Lady GaGa).

    97-99) "Born This Way (Deluxe Album Bonus Songs)" Black Jesus + Amen Fashion, Fashion of His Love, The Queen. Can nab these newest deluxe album songs from iTunes!

    100) 3-Way (The Golden Rule) [feat. Justin Timberlake & Lady GaGa] a comedy single with comedians featuring the one and only Lady GaGa! Can nab this song on iTunes.

    101) & last but not least as of the last edit, Christmas Tree which can be found as a single on iTunes.

    ...It should be noted there are many "unreleased" songs listed, yet, there are indeed many this list has missed. (Searching online for more if you are so interested should yield more)... Also, many versions of GaGa's songs, such as piano solos and medleys of her songs are usually performed at her shows, and searching youtube for them if you are so interested should be fun as well... Also remember, that Lady GaGa is a new & living artist, and a new song can come out at any time at any of her shows if she so chooses... If you know more that you would like to be posted here please email the song to "" which has been set up exclusively for this list. Please put the subject as "I Love GaGa"...

    Also, this list uses the term "iTunes" to represent digital stores. Yet it most likely possible anything on "iTunes" can be found on Vinyl/CD for higher quality. However the Walmart soundcheck most likely can only be found through Walmarts mp3 site. In addition, the term "youtube" is used here to mean youtube itself, but also "the internet."

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