Starting a photography business?

I want to start a photography business, I have business cards made, but i am only 16 and i am worried that people will look down at me because of my age, I have an amazing portfolio i can show customers. I have a Fujifilm finepix s1730, its a bridge camera, but since it was such a cheap camera, i was planning on charging half of the price that other photographers charge, ideas....?

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  • Andy W
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    8 years ago
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    Yeah - get a clue.

    An "amazing portfolio" of what exactly?

    I can guarantee that with a bridge camera you have not got an "amazing" portfolio of portraits or weddings if you are planning on that and if you are planning on any other sphere of photography then you really need to study your markets and come back in 5 years or so when you have learnt properly about photography and business.

  • 4 years ago

    "Just Started A Photography Business"? and Now You Are Looking For A Camera? OOHH Give Me A Break!!! That's the Worse Thing that you just had done. You Really Had Needed EVERYTHING Already In Place WAY BEFORE Starting the Photography Business and Now just discovered that You NEED a New Camera? Sorry I'm taking my business someplace else and that's how you loose so much business by not having the Proper Tools already in place.

  • Ara57
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    8 years ago

    Having an "amazing portfolio" is one thing. Being able to produce amazing results every time out for every client is totally another. What type of work are you hoping to do? Pets, kids, families, seniors, fashion? Weddings??? (Please say you aren't looking for wedding work as an easy cash cow.) A better angle might be to submit some of your work to the various stock agencies and see how that goes. You'd probably have to have a parent do it, though, until you are of age.

    Also there is the matter of equipment. Although your Fuji is a good camera and does have manual controls, its smaller sensor will suffer under some situations when compared to a dSLR. Mainly producing shallow DoF and high ISO performance. Those are limitations that will be hard to overcome if shooting people is what you want to do.

    You are correct that people are unlikely to take a teenager seriously. As a 16YO, you also have to consider the legal aspects of having a business, particularly liability and contract. What happens if someone trips over your tripod and breaks a leg and sues? As a minor, your parents might be liable for damages. Your attorney should advise you about that, as well as the tax situation.

    Finally there is the matter of undercutting the professionals. Either you are good enough to get paid for photography, or you are not. There are a lot of new camera owners who are getting into the business as well. (Many will have "better" cameras than you, BTW. Skill is another matter, not too many of them will have much...) These newcomers, as well as the established pros are your competition. How do you plan to get clients? Do you have a marketing strategy and business plan? How much do you have to charge to make a profit and stay viable? Doing $200 weddings ain't going to cut it, I'm afraid, unless you can do 10 every week and spend minimal time in post.

    A first step might be to get in touch with the Small Business Administration or it's equivalent in your area. They can help you decide what a good plan would be to get started. It is possible to be successful in a new photography business, but frankly, with the current economy and large crop of wannabes who work for almost nothing, it is unlikely. Good luck.

  • 8 years ago

    Oh very professional...come on! Honestly your age is the least of your concerns. Do you have the faintest idea in how to not only run a business, but also to keep it afloat? It's not simply a matter of putting yourself out there and waiting for customers to roll up, you will need to be proactive, and your marketing needs to extend far beyond some business cards and a portfolio.

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  • 8 years ago

    Sorry but your do not have the right gear to start a professional business - yes I know it's not all about gear - but at the very least you need a decent sized sensor (DSLR) and some form of off camera lighting.

    You are also not old enough to enter into legally binding contracts or obtain, eg, public liability insurance, which you will need for a business.

    As for your 'amazing portfolio' - I'd really like to see that - please post a link.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    A photography business is a great idea for your age ! I think age doesn't matter when it comes to dreams . No matter how cheap your camera is i'm sure your photography is going to make your costumers amazed ! Im also a successful photographer and im only 15 ! charge what you think the picture is worth !

    Best of Luck ! (:

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    people will look at your age, your experience and your equipment...

    and all three will leave people with the thought that you have no idea WHAT you are doing...

    you need to get a better camera, lots of experience and skills, a website to show off your portfolio, THEN you can think about charging people for your services...

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    its a good idea that your starting young but i doubt people are going to take you seriously but if you keep showing off your profile and traveling such as sending copies of your portfolio to colleges or businesses

    maybe you will get somewhere but photography is so hard to get famous for

    you should put some of your work up

  • 8 years ago

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